Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

This is the third part in an ongoing experience titled – Entity.

My husband and I decided that we would begin researching the history of our historical home. Perhaps discovering who had lived here would uncover clues that might lead us to a better understanding of what we were experiencing in the residence. Maybe there was a Sarah who dwelled here years ago. Our search might uncover nothing of importance but I knew it would be interesting at the least. Our first visit would be to the library Archives where they kept historical records.

We began compiling a list of residence and discovered the following history:

From the Assessors Office we found that the house was recorded as being built around 1883 however the first recorded inhabitant of a house at our address from the Historical Archives was in 1896 – a man named William P. Booth who worked at the House of Corrections. From 1890-1896 Mr. Booth lived in the house across the street and moved to our address in 1896. In 1906 the house was listed as vacant. From 1907-1926 Adeline M. Cornell, a dress maker occupied the house. In 1927 Fredrick Dexter, an eyelet worker at a local mill and his wife, Agnes, lived here. From 1928-1954 Charles H. Dunham, a painter and later an operative, resided here with his wife, Sylvia. And in 1955-1960 Roland W. Toyfair, a New Bedford Police Patrolman, and Yvette Toyfair, his wife, lived in our home. We were unable to find the records of the house from 1961-1968 (but will retry at a later date). We did find that Joyce M. Souza, an office secretary at Otis Air Force Base, resided in the house from 1969-1971.

This is where our research ended for the time being. Family issues and a lack of transportation led to the suspension of visits to the Historical Archives. However our experiences did not cease – completely. Our home was quiet from January 2010 until the end of February which didn’t surprise me as we had other more pressing situations that dealt with our life on this plane of existence, to focus our attention on. Things began to reawaken in March.

I was awoken in the early hours of Sunday, March 7th. I generally get up around 6:15am to prepare and leave the house for 7:45 so that I can open my booth at a local Flea Market. That morning I had the sensation of warm breath on the back of my neck. I assumed that it was my husband snuggling up to me as he is accustomed to do however, as I rolled over I found that he was sleeping facing the opposite way with his back towards me. There was a space big enough for another average sized person to fit in comfortably between us in our queen sized bed.

The next day around noontime I was sitting at the computer desk checking emails. I was alone except for our cat who was sleeping on the sofa next to where I was working. I heard the upstairs bedroom floor boards creak as if someone was walking across the room. This occurred again about an hour later.

My husband and I retire for the evening around 11:00 every night. Sunday, March 14th was no exception. My husband was brushing his teeth in the bathroom when he abruptly came into the dining room where I was shutting down the computer. He asked me if one of the children had come downstairs. Neither had. He raised an eyebrow and went back into the bathroom with toothbrush in hand. A few moments passed and he returned to the dining room informing me that it sounded as if one of the children were up. I shrugged. He went to investigate. He was clearly confused as he returned downstairs. They were both asleep. We went into the bath room together and as I began to brush my teeth my husband pointed out the noise. I shut off the faucet so that I could listen. To me it didn’t sound as if the noise was originating upstairs. It sounded as if it were coming from the basement. I suggested that he go investigate it but he acquiesced and headed to our bedroom.

The following evening we were laying in bed, my husband was curled up against me as I faced the bedroom window, just as I began to welcome the comfort of sleep I was startled by a scraping noise. It sounded as if our cat, Alchemy was trapped in my closet and was trying to get out. My husband climbed out of bed, turned on the light and checked the closet but Alchemy wasn’t anywhere in the room. At my urging he went downstairs to find our cat. He returned informing me that Alchemy was asleep on the sofa in the living room.

The next afternoon, Tuesday, March 16th a half hour before I left to pick my daughter up from school, it sounded as if Alchemy was running from first floor to second floor repeatedly on the stairs. My husband and I were sitting next to each other watching a show on the computer monitor and our cat was asleep on one of the chairs in the kitchen. In order for him to actually be running up and down the stairs he would have had to walk past us to get to them.

We don’t feel afraid yet we don’t feel alone. Why is this entity here in the house with us? Is it trapped here or here of its own desire? Is it a spirit that is attached to one of us or all of us in some way? It is clear that my husband and I have to get back to the archives to learn more on the history of our home. We plan to return in a week or two.