The Art of SteelGoddess




Many thanks to Jenn for the lovely invitation to introduce me on Pagan Pages! My name is Steelgoddess and I am a full time illustrator with my feet firmly planted in an imaginary world where Witches (the good ones) and flying cats on brooms happily exist together. There are a huge variety of residents in all shapes and species from the ordinary to the extraordinary who are far from shy and wish to be known that they do indeed exist!

I am delighted to share my quirky imagination with you and hope you enjoy the many things that I have available. All lovingly crafted from a Hedge Witch who believes Witches, Wiccans, and pagans of all beliefs deserve beauty and whimsy in their magical lives, you will discover illustrated Book of Shadows spells, Apothecary Labels, Stick Witch decals, decorative parchment paper, and a variety of other unique treasures.

Please feel free to visit my little ol’ shop at www.ceridwensmagicweb.com/catalog

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With Love and Light,