The Crafty Writer


The magician pulls out his wand his magic wand and starts to say those famous words, Ala-kazam or Hocus Pocus, as he waves the wand. Poof goes the well timed smoke pellet and out of the empty box he pulls a rabbit. Wood working magic is an illusive illusion that occurs when someone with limited talent, creates something that they can use and are proud enough to use it.


There are so many forms of woodworking, from the intricate lathe, and saber saw work to the more traditional small tools that most people have. These house hold tools are sneered at by many, but they can produce amazing things that you should be proud of. No, I am not talking about hanging pictures or using the screwdriver to change the batteries in a favorite toy. These items I am talking about are time consuming and very relaxing for me.

Magic is a hobby of mine so it makes using the wood working craft that much more interesting. If I can create something the others don’t have, like my very own wand then it makes mine different than the plastic store bought ones. All I had to do is go out and ask the trees to donate one of its branches. Then if you asked properly you may find that the tree had dropped the perfect piece and all you have to do is pick it up and say thank you.


The wand shown was then stripped of bark, and sanded smooth. It even has a notch that my finger can lay across and give more control to the wave. Once you’re happy a bit of stain and a sealer like oil, varnish or polyurethane and you have a finished piece. All you need is some time, patience, a knife, sand paper and some kind of sealer. Items most households have or a trip to the corner store and minimal amount of money would remedy.


The illusions I create are not true magic, but the wood working to create them is. Like the Golden Egg a simple illusion where 2 pieces of rope are pulled through a solid golden egg. Or the Dragon Pagoda, where an empty space inside allows an object to materialize as you stare at the space. The Dragon Box is one of my favorites. For Halloween night I will swing it open showing that it is empty and than close it up again. I make the children say the magic words, Trick or Treat and then reaching into the box I start pulling pieces of candy enough for all of them. One of my more intricate pieces because it is a hinged box that is pegged and glued together with the only screws in it acts as hinges. These allow the magician to swing it open showing that it is an empty box. I did have to buy some wood, dole sticks, and glue, but it was worth it to see the kids’ faces.


A craft is a skill, art or dexterity. Wood working and magic are both crafts because you use all three to create a finished piece. Fortunately there are different levels obtainable in all crafts and each is equally enjoyable. Now watch me pull a rubber chicken out of my wood pile. For more information about magicians contact the Society of American Magicians at www.magicsam.com or the International Brotherhood of Magicians at www.magician.org . For more information on wood working, check out your local hobby or hardware store.