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Is your child safe at school.???  Maybe, maybe not. Bulling is a huge problem in schools today, whether you are in North America , Australia, or some little island somewhere. Children, teens , tweens and even adults seem to be ok with bullying their way through life. And many are pushed around, yelled and cursed at, physically, emotionally and spiritually harmed.

Recently my 13 year old daughter has been caught in the bulling web. She is no angel, but she is a pretty good kid, respectful of the karmic balance and knowing that what she puts out there: good or bad, will come back at her, so she is kind of mindful of her words and her actions.  But this one child, you know the one I mean, so sweet and nice in front of the adult or authority, but nasty and cruel one there is no one to see. She has it in for Sammi because she is different, in her clothes, her look, her attitude and her religion. And she is rather proud of her differences. This child and the group they belong to seem bent on making Sammi feel badly about herself, and continues to try to get her in trouble with the Assistant Principle. Report, calls for parental conferences, in school suspensions … and all Sammi is doing( for the most part) is being herself. Now as long as it was just words I let it go , for Sammi to deal with and learn how to live with awful people. But recently it became physical, with Sammi being slammed into a wall, then the following day being tripped down ½ a flight of stairs, resulting in a sprained ac in her shoulder and pulled muscles in her foot and ankle. We as parents need to do something about this, we need to teach our children that this is not acceptable. I know someone in school saw what happened to Sammi, with over 1500 kids in the school and at least ¼ of then departing out of that hallway.. but no one came forward. No one stood for her and helped her. No one reported it ..  We need to teach our kids that turning a blind eye is as bad as pushing the child themselves.. because the damage does not end if the bully gets away with it.

We also need to teach our kids ways to combat this behavior , not in the physical but in the spiritual and the magickal. To push back the negative and send it back at the sender. And to find balance in themselves so that a bully cannot get the foot hold and use the differences as weapons.

This happens in all of our school. It may not be bad in your area, but in some it is terrible. In one school not to long ago a young girl killed herself because she could not handle the bullies in her school… and thanks to God/dess that they were all caught , and tried in court for the mental and physical harm they cause… maybe this could have been prevented if their parents had taught them it was wrong to be so nasty and hurtful. And if her parents had taught her ways to protect herself from that nastiness.

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A spell/ chant I have been using for Sammi is kind of silly but seems to be working.

Bully Bully go away

Bully bully it’s not play

Bully bully I say GO AWAY

I defeat you NOW…. TODAY

So mote it be…

This one I found on the web, have not used it yet.. but will be.. with my Sammi’s help..


If you are trying to avoid a bully, try candle magick in

this way. This is a very old binding, a ritual, really.

Use a black candle to display the person’s anger. Calling

the elements, tie a cord (obviously short) around the candle’s

base or feet:

By three and nine your power I bind.

By Moon and Sun my will be done.”

Tie the candle’s waist now:

Sky and Sea, keep harm from me,

Cord go ’round, power be bound.

Tie cord around the candle’s neck:

Light revealed,


Snuff the candle:


Carry the candle, unlit of course. See if this works for

you. BB!

© 1999 Autumn Bad Lands

Here is a charm bag for peace from a group I belong to.

Charm Bag for Inner Peace
by Anna Franklin

Healing is not just about the body, but also concerns the mind and
spirit. If you are troubled, lay out a six-inch circle of pink cloth,
and sprinkle two teaspoons each of lavender flower, chamomile, and
pink rose petals, and olive leaves in the centre of the cloth. Add a
few drops of Melissa oil and a piece of rose quartz, saying: “I mix
and blend this herbal charm, To bring me peace and bring me calm.
Inner strength and tranquility, Goddess gives serenity.” Add the rose
quartz, and tie up the parcel with the pink thread. Keep it near you,
and rub it when you need its power.


Tape a recent, full length color photograph of yourself behind a hardware store style, one foot square mirror, facing inward, toward the painted [unreflective or back] side [of the mirror].

Hold the mirror over your heart, with the reflective side facing outward. Face the East

Say one time:

Mirror, mirror, work for me,

Bounce all slings, and arrows, keep me free,

As I will, so mote it be!

Turn right, facing south, and repeat the spell.

Turn right, facing west, and repeat the spell.

Turn right, facing north, and repeat the spell.

Return to the east, and point the mirror upward, and repeat the spell, and then downward, and repeat the spell.

Close by pointing the mirror forward, and say one time:

Mirror, mirror, come with me,

Wherever I go, stay with me.

As I will, so mote it be!

Place the mirror in one of your bedroom windows, with the mirror side facing outward,

Repeat mirror spell every five days, until the danger has past. More often if you need to.

Visualize a circle of violet light around you when they are near, keeping all negativity from you.  Chant silently to your self, “Thrice around the circle’s Bound, Trouble Sink into the Ground.”

You can list the names of the people who are harming you (Physically or mentally) on a piece of paper.  Draw a vertical line thru the list. This is the rune Isa. (or Ice) fill a ziplock baggie half way with water and put it in the freezer and say “chill out” and slam the door.

This will not bring harm in any way to the people listed, it will just keep them from bothering you. (As long as that paper stays in the freezer)

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Now I know this is not Kitcheny…. But it is family and family is the hearth.. so it fits.. Please stop the bullying from happening by reporting it, standing together against the bully whenever you can, tell them they are wrong as a whole group, not just one of you. And never ever let another person be harmed while in your view. One person can make a huge difference if they get together with one other person.. forming a link in the chain that will lock Bullying and negativity away from us all…

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper

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Blessed be…