Welcome to the July issue of PaganPages.

A few announcements:

Most classes begin this month.  Please be sure to check spruz daily for letters from your teachers.

We are collecting tools, incense, candles, etc… to send our Pagan Brothers and Sisters in the armed forces over seas again.  If you are interested in donating goods or funds, email [email protected]  Our soldiers need your help.

Be sure to join our facebook or myspace to see when new classes are added.


In This Issue:


The art of Steelgoddess


Interview with R. Wolf Baldassarro



Monthly Prayer

Awaken to the sunlight bright
Restful from the long dark night
Goodnight good Goddess, Blessed Be
Awaken my God to shine down on me
I thank you mother for all you give
In my true path I shall live
Trying my best to do what’s right
I know that you will give me sight
To see the things I need to know
And feel the things to help me grow
God and Goddess you are in me
Holding, Loving, Teaching me


I’m Skylla, a solitary wiccan from Western Maryland.  I am happily married with one teenage daughter and work full-time in the health industry.  I am a vegetarian, animal activist and feminist.  I graduated with degrees in History and Political Science and am always seeking new experiences and knowledge.  I love reading, researching, debating, computers, writing, crafts & music…and the list goes on and on!!