Astral Travel, Lesson 2

The August Assignments

Astral Travel Class


Keep up your journals! Write down your dreams, experiences, fears, meditations, attempted travels. Write down your feelings, who made you angry, who made you sad, why yesterday was such a great day….and so on. Our waking, physical world is so busy that sometimes we only get the time to sort it all out in our dreams. If you can, make the connection: i.e. I had a dream where I was getting beat up. The day before my co-worker wrongly accused me of something and it felt like everyone took her side. I felt helpless and angry in both cases.

10 minute intentions: keep going. I know that it can seem like a real chore at times, but do it anyway. Remember that you are not asking for permission, you are telling yourself, your guides, your higher self, and the universe what is going to happen.

Guided Meditations-

Guided meditations and hypnosis can be one in the same. I’m not talking about the stand-up-on-stage-and-pretend-you-are-a-teapot showboat type of hypnosis, rather the kind that can help you quit smoking, lose weight, or astral travel. It quiets your conscious mind and opens a direct line to your subconscious mind.

Some guided meditations are meant to simply help you relax, where you use your imagination to see yourself on a beach or next to a fireplace with champagne and roses. Some guided meditations are created with a more specific purpose, just like with hypnosis. It can even be used as pain management.

The reason I had you research astral travel techniques in the last assignment was because I believe that the perfect astral travel technique is a guided meditation. This guided mediation is what I call “The Goldilocks Technique”, in other words it is just right for you.

How we find the meditation/technique that is just right for us is through trial and error. No doubt that when you were looking for techniques you came across one that sounded better than the others. Try it, if you haven’t already. Try the one you liked second best, then third best and so on. Analyze them—what did you like, what did you not like? What seemed to have a better effect on you? What didn’t seem to work at all? Some meditations are plain boring, while some are too complicated, too silly, and some just don’t work.

  • For my own Goldilocks Technique I have had to change some of the wording due to the circumstances I found myself in. There were times when my surroundings were too loud and times when I felt guilty for taking the time to meditate. Sometimes I feel that while I am trying to relax, the rest of the house is in danger. What if the animals get hurt and I’m not there to help them? What if a fire starts and I’m not there to put it out? What is someone calls with an important message? The truth is that we can make excuses all day for reasons not to try, so as part of my personal technique I have to calm all of these fears before I can relax.
  • Some techniques suggest you sit rather than lie down so that you don’t fall asleep. That has never worked for me because when I sit and meditate I get a nasty case of the “head-bobs” and relaxation is hard to maintain when your head is knocking your shoulder. Some suggest that you can only leave your body if you are lying on your back. That is not true for me, but maybe it is for you. I am more comfortable on my side so that works for me. What position are you most comfortable in? This key is this: if it works for you, then it is the exact right thing to do!
  • Some techniques poo-poo on falling asleep. Don’t worry about it. If you happen to fall asleep, jot down your dreams. Chances are that those dreams were actually traveling adventures! And if they weren’t, then a nice nap never hurt anyone and you can try again later. Stress and worry over falling asleep takes away the point of trying to fully relax.
  • William Buhlman suggests waking up in the morning, earlier than need be, and going to the bathroom and getting a drink of water. He warns about being too active. Just wake yourself up a little, then go back to sleep. This will induce a lovely half-awake half-asleep state of being that is perfect for leaving your body. For me this works great! But only on the weekends 😉
  • Comfort is key! I prefer to be covered with a sheet or blanket. Others prefer not to be covered at all. Use your eye mask, especially if you are trying your techniques during the day. Even the light from an alarm clock can be distracting. The mind will find any excuse not to succumb to full relaxation, so cover your eyes.

Create your own guided meditation, built around the sole purpose of helping you astral travel. Create this meditation based on a patchwork of the bits and parts of the techniques you researched, tried, and like. Discard what doesn’t work for you and keep the rest. Allow yourself to fall asleep after words, which will in turn allow your astral body to travel away from your relaxed body.

Submit the guided meditation as the August assignment.