Hally’s Hints

The Energy in Emails

Last month we covered the energetic imprint left in food and the affects that this has on us, which sometimes is positive and other times to our detriment.

The energy trail we leave is ever-present on all that we do. It is no surprise that we are predominantly energy filling matter. Perhaps with this in mind it is no surprise that electricity was found as a core source in how we live.

Movies such as the Matrix come to mind in how powerful we are as energetic beings. Those that work in healing, metaphysics or anything that is on another ethereal plane will understand the magnitude of what we are each capable of. It is pretty amazing and we are yet to reach our potential.

In terms of our energetic imprint I wanted to cover the relation between this and cyberspace, being the internet, the worldwide web, emails, webinars, Skype and the list goes on and on with the various ways that we can communicate these days. In some respects it is supposed to make life easier, but then I wonder…

In terms of emails, have you ever received an email and felt something wash over you, like an emotion and yet what was written before you may have been completely logical and removed from emotion?

Have you ever received an email and felt an energy come through that was nothing like the person that sent it?

It took a bit of time for this to make sense to me and when it did I was surprised that energy is not hindered by anything let alone email or the internet.

Those that are empathic may have their own stories to tell with technology and energies. Perhaps it is a blown light or two when in an emotionally heightened state?

In terms of energy over email, I will explain what I mean.

Consider the logic of what I am saying. As humans we leave an energetic imprint on everything we do, visit, touch and so forth so would it not be also possible to send our energy energetically via an electronic form of communication? Reiki can be done over a distance so why not generally?

This afternoon I received an email that was business related and in essence about as exciting as a menu to a closed restaurant and yet, the energy blasted through to me. I had to come back to finish reading the email because there was so much there. In questioning what I received I went to the person directly to gain a sense of where this was coming from. However, the energy in person was completely different.

The thing with energy imprints is that it can often be different to what someone is in person because it is the authentic energetic imprint, not the façade that we all like to use from time to time. There is no place to hide, it is about as real as it gets.

I went back later to the email and read it objectively opening myself to what was coming through and I was taken aback by the imprint. It is interesting to see someone in one way, particularly having consciously chosen not to tune into them energetically and then being confronted with their authentic imprint.  It is as though a light has been turned on.

We can all tell stories and hide secrets behind our smiles. But our energy is our present truth.

The next time you get an email, tune in to how you are feeling when you read it. Is it reflective of the person that sent it or does it say something else? Perhaps, it will allow a better understanding to the intent of the content which, with written words, can sometimes be lost or misunderstood.

Consider what your intent is when you send an email…