Household Magick, Lesson 2

Month 2

***Note: This section is short because it’s more of a review of things everyone uses.***

A.  Cleaning

Ok, I know everyone hates to clean right!  Well face it has to be done and we all have to do at least some of it.  I feel cleaning your home is one of the best ways to get rid of any negative energy hanging around as well as all the dirt.  There are many ways to clean and everyone has their own ways of doing so.  I prefer to use homemade cleaners…aka…baking soda and vinegar.  I also keep a control journal, helps me remember all the stuff I need to do each day.  I keep this in the front of my book of shadows and it pretty much goes every where with me.

A lot of people do not think about it but your cleaning tools can be just as magickal as your craft tools.  So keep them in good shape, clean them after use, maintain them, and bless the when you get new ones.  Here is a small list to get you thinking.

1.  Broom – when sweeping,  use a east to west stroke and say, I banish all negativity from this space and sweep in all good energy.  Or if you feel up to it write your own little spell.

2.  Rags and towels – I always wash these items on there own, so I say a little spell over them as I put them in the washing machine.


1.  Make a Control Journal
A.  List each room you have in your home.  ( Do each room on it own piece of paper.)
B.  Make Master Cleaning List.  ( On your room list papers, thank of what you do to clean that room)  example :

Living room
1.  Pick up
2.  Clean off furniture
3.  Dust
4.  Vacuum

2.  Make a daily routine.  Try to make 10 or 15 minutes to work on each room.


7am- wake up, get dressed
8am – feed self, feed pets, clean up after
9am – clean living room
10am – clean kitchen
11am – work on home work

3.  Make a list of tools. (Think of how these things can be used to add magick to your life.  Maybe write some spells for each item.)


1.  Broom
2.  Trash bags
3.  Cleaners
4.  Dusters
5.  Rags

4.  Add a calendar and to list to the beginning of your Control Journal.

5.  Look into what cleaning supplies you are using.  Are they harmful to the home your trying to make.  Are there better things out there to buy or make.  Do some research.  Remember anything that comes into your home has an effect on your magickal space.

B. Cleansing

It’s important to cleanse your tools and work space.  We do this to remove any negative energy that may have attached its self to your area or tools.  Over the years I have heard many ways to cleanse and I believe everyone is right.  I beleive in magick, it’s about what feels right to the person doing the magick.

I have seen people use salt and moonlight to cleanse jewelry.  Saga to cleanse a home.  Spells and other things.  I have heard of holy water.  There is also the use of the elements.  I believe the all work but the intent must be there.


1.  I would like you to research differnt ways of cleansing.  List five different one here.

2.  What cleansing way works best for you?

C. Consecrating

Consecrating is the best way to add a little of yourself to your tools and work space.  I use meditation for this process. I fill a circle with positive energy and allow the energy to fill the tools and area till they “glow” with energy. But like all other parts of magick this is a very personal act.  Always do what feels comfortable to you.


1.  I would like you to research differnt ways of consecrating.  List five different one here.

2.  What consecrating way works best for you?

D.  Protection

There are many types of protection.  From sachets and symbols to spells and rituals. I think the most recognizable is the pentacle or pentagram.  As we go through each room I will share spells and rituals for each.  For now I just wanted you to think about protection in general.


1.  I would like you to research differnt ways of protection.  List five different one here.

2.  What protection way works best for you?