Magickal Forecast August 2010


SOL: **Morning Hours All Month** For the beginning of August the Sun will be leaving the house of Cancer and travelling across the sky towards the constellation of Leo where after August 15, 2010; he will fully be in Leo for the remainder of the month.

Though the stage is being set for a late summer change in planetary dominance, the Sun still rules the mornings all month long.  In August it will be different than July due to Leo’s influence.   IMO Sun worship will be even better than last month.   And using the Sun as an ingredient in your magick could be potent this month.  Things like a protection spell, a healing/recovery spell.  Keys for these sorts of magickal operations are located at the end of this article.

PS: Too much Sun can be difficult (weather magickal or mundane).  A “cooling-off” secret is; taking the tarot image of the STAR and uttering the Tetragrammaton “HehYodVavHe”.  Leave the card in plan view and go about your life…. You will see relief.

MERCURY: **9:00AM to 2:00PM ** will be between the houses of Leo & Virgo and will be in a kind of funky limbo for the first half of the month.  About August 15th, 2010 Mercury will desist in its retrograde and will join the celestial show.   Mercurial matters should be kind of neutral for the first half of the month and then after the 15th strap your red-wings on!

SATURN: **12:00PM to 4:00PM** in the house of Virgo: will pace with the constellation all month long.  At the beginning of August; Saturn inches closer to the Mars/Venus reunion; when on the 8th he passes the couple by, heading towards the Sun.

It seems that Saturn has his own business, this month.  Magick with Saturn may be good the last week and a half of the month of August, other than that you may be swimming upstream.

MARS & VENUS: **2:00PM till 5:00PM** finally these two are reunited.  It has been a long journey.  It seems that the 15th of August is a big day this month, as this appears to be the day that the planets cross each other’s zenith.  If you were planning on doing magick with either of these planetary forces this month, I would consider waiting until as close to the end of month as possible.

PLUTO:  **6:00PM till 10:00PM** will be located between Sagittarius & Ophiuchus in the night sky.  This planet has been known to reveal secrets in gnosis.  The influence of Ophiuchus could be interesting.  The formulae in the cabbalistic key below will assist you in contact with the planetary essence of Pluto.

NEPTUNE: ** 9:00PM till 1:00AM** will be located between Capricorn and Aquarius.  Neptune is far away, so a good time to attempt contact would be a time like now.  This time-slot will be pure Neptune energy (if you wait too late, you will be feeling Jupiter, so go early).  A prayer to the highest with a visual tool of all 4 Aces works wonders with Neptune (see key below).

JUPITER & URANUS:  **10:00PM till 4:00AM ** in the house of Pisces will be gliding across the wee morning sky. Though Jupiter is still holding counsel, he should be available through the god-form of Amun-Ra, and the utterance of EL.  Should be fun.

LUNA: By the 9th, 10th, 11th……a full dark New Moon sweeps across the planetary groupings of Mars, Venus, & Saturn.    I would avoid magick these days.  Ground and protect…….

By the 25th of August the Full Moon at 1:00AM will be in the sky aligned with Jupiter.  Jupiter as the alchemical father is in charge of all aspect of our universe.  Luna plays a big part in interplanetary communications, so it would be only natural for her to witness the reunion of Mars & Venus earlier in the month, and then for her to directly report all aspects of the occasion the father Jupiter.  In the astral world of planetary magick this is business as usual.

Moon magick should be good between August 19th to august 26th or even the 27th.  On the 25th avoid moon magick after midnight.

SYNOPSIS: SOL and Mercury in the morning and Jupiter in the wee.  These are still the star players for the entire month of August.  Neptune and Pluto are in great positions, for those whom dare.  Zodiacal Magick in the wee hours will be good, as will elemental spells & witchcraft.

The reuniting of Mars and Venus should bring mundane and magickal result all month, a celebration is in order.  This should be an August to remember.  The forces to draw manna from are limited this month, but limited to the best. Enjoy, and watch the sky like an ancient!

Suggested timing for elemental & astrological workings or meditations:

  • 3AM to 6AM: Taurus: Earth
  • 5AM to 8AM: Gemini: Air
  • 7AM to 10AM: Cancer: Water
  • 9AM to 12PM: Leo: Fire
  • 11PM to 2PM: Virgo: Earth
  • 1PM to 4PM: Libra: Air
  • 3PM to 6PM: Scorpio: Water
  • 5PM to 8PM: Sagittarius: Fire
  • 7PM to 10PM: Capricorn: Earth
  • 9PM to 12AM: Aquarius: Air
  • 11PM to 2AM: Pisces: Water
  • 1AM to 4AM: Aries: Fire


*****Cabbalistic Key: Many of you understand ritual timing and cosmic associations to every aspect of Magick, but for those that do not, utilize the key below.  The first one is an example.

To access any of the planets simply follow this formulae by utilizing the keys below.  This example is for Jupiter: Meditate as the god-form Amun Ra and whisper: “EL” 4 times between deep slow breaths, while staring at X Wheel of Fortune, Simply relax and drift off.  Be prepared for visions.

  • Jupiter:  As god-form Amun Ra; X Wheel of Fortune & utterance of: “EL”.  X4.
  • Uranus:  As god-form Djehuti: all 4 minor arcana 2s & utterance of: “Yah Kok-ma”.  X2.
  • SOL:  As god-form Ra: XIX Sun & utterance of: “HehYodVavHe-Eloha-Ve-da`at.  X6.
  • Mercury:  As god-form Djehuti:  I Magician & utterance of: “Elohem-Tsev-a-ot”.  X3.
  • Venus: As god-form Hathor: III Empress & utterance “HehYodVavHe-Tsev-a-ot”.  X7.
  • Mars: As god-form Horus: XVI Tower & the utterance of “Elohem-Gebor”.  X5.
  • Saturn: As god-form of Sebek:  XXI Universe & utterance: “HehYodVavHe-Elohem”.  X6.
  • Pluto: As god-form Serquet: XIII Death & utterance of: “Ka-da’amp VavHeHeYod”.   X 3.
  • Neptune: As god-form Ptah; all 4 Aces & utterance of “E-he’ye”.  X1.
  • Luna: As god-form Isis; II High Priestess & utterance of “Sha`di`el`kai” X9.