Paranormal Path

Non Human Entities

When we think of the paranormal, we usually think of spirits of those who have passed on.  We think of cold spots, barely visible forms, and disembodied voices. Yet a lot of us automatically think we are dealing with human entities.  There are a number of non human entities that are part of the paranormal world.  Here I will briefly discuss a few.  This is such a broad topic and pending on religion and culture these entities can greatly vary but there are some similarities that I will highlight.

Angels; These entities have a similar appearance throughout many cultures and religions.  People are believed to have encounters with angels during times of trauma.  Many describe a feeling of calm and comfort.  Some feel they are enveloped with warmth or see a bright glow and what appears to be a human with wings.  The entity is usually unfamiliar, unlike those who see or hear from a deceased family member or friend.  Angels are believed to be protectors and at times may deliver important messages.  Many feel they have a Guardian Angel who stays with them throughout their life to guide and offer protection from harm.  Another common theory on angels is that they were never human to begin with. They are from a “higher power” or “divine being” and there is an ongoing debate if these entities have free will.  There is also the theory that angels are simply an extension of our sub-conscience as a way of communicating with our own “higher self”.

Demons; Known to be more negative than the above mentioned entity, there are a few theories of what demons actually are.  Some feel demons are merely fallen angels; others feel they are a form of an elemental that is described below.  Common similarities among different cultures are that these entities are never pleasant.  Usually brought forth from another plane either by summoning or the demon may be attached to a certain person or place.  There have been reports of the smell of sulfur in the area when a demon is present or a feeling of heaviness on the chest.  Also there is a rule among paranormal investigators to never under any circumstances use a provoking method when dealing with a demonic entity.  These entities have been known to leave scratches or even bite marks when confronted or angered.  Reports of actually seeing a demon are rare but their physical appearance is generally the same among different cultures and religions.  They are usually described as human-like, possibly with animal or goat-like legs or feet, shorter in stature with twisted or disproportionate facial features

Elementals; A type of Nature spirit, Elementals are believed to embody the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.  These spirits are usually encountered during spell work and some believe they are able to communicate with elementals through their dreams.  Common elementals known throughout the world are gnomes, sprites and faeries just to name a few.  There are numerous names, forms, and purposes for these entities but they are universally known as those who keep balance among nature.  As I mentioned above, some feel demons are a type of elemental since there is no defining personality of these spirits, some are described as being kind and helpful, some mischievous, and some angry or envious of the mortal world.

Animal Spirits: Just as many believe they have a guardian angel to watch and protect them, there is also the belief in animal spirits or totems.  These spirits are a very personal and deep connection to ones inner-self.  As mentioned above, many use spell work to communicate with these spirits.  Another way these entities are encountered is through meditation.  There are many books written on ways to find your own personal animal spirit.  These entities are also known to appear as messengers with warnings or to protect us from harm.  Modern culture if filled with stories of crows being associated with death, cats associated with witches, or a serpent associated with evil.  These animals have all had significance in many different parts of the world.   Some may not even know the origin of such labels but there is almost a universal understanding of the symbolism such as the owl for wisdom, the horse for power, or the vulcher for a scavenger.  These animals have held these roles in the spirit world as well.

These are just a few examples of the many different entities besides human ghosts that make up the wide realm of the paranormal.