Rebel Rede

Be Careful What You Don’t Wish For

We have all heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for” and it is actually good advice. Sometimes we think we know what we want, but we do not understand the real ramifications of our wishes. For example, someone may wish to win the lottery, only to win the lottery and end up hating what their life becomes. Once someone is famous and well off they often wish they were normal again instead of constantly being asked for money or being blackmailed. Our wishes are not always in our own best interest. As witches we do not have this problem too often. We have the ability to manifest our wishes with the use of spells and other magickal means. If we are properly trained and continuously growing we should have a good grasped on what we want to get out of life. In my experience we witches have the opposite problem. It is not what we wish for that becomes a burden, but rather what we do not wish for. Every time I say no thank you to the universe the universe does not accept my answer.

Recently I have been training to be a High Priestess. I reached the point in my studies where I was supposed to start taking on new students. I also felt “called” to start a coven. Once these things started to become a reality though, I got scared (and a little lazy to be honest) and decided never mind on the whole leadership thing. Ironically as soon as I decided I was not cut out to be a High Priestess I had multiple students contact me. These new witches ended up bugging me until I said yes to teaching them and yes to starting a coven. I quickly learned that it is not wise to tell the Divine no when they have called you to do something. We think we know our own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities but the universe knows even better.

Not only did I tell the Divine no at first, but once I realized they would not accept my answer I started making stipulations instead. As my coven began to emerge I asked the universe to provide me with a couple of experienced Wiccan/Pagan women to help me get the coven started. I was already tired from the coven starting process, and from the teaching of new students. I just wanted some new “easy” coven members. I was really worried that I did not have what it takes to be a leader and so I asked for an easy way out. Instead, I received more new students and more difficulties with starting the coven. Again it is not wise to try to weasel out of the Divine’s calling in your life.

It was a long process, but eventually I decided to accept my Divine calling and to get to work. I am happy to report that my coven is doing much better now. We are definitely not perfect and there is still a lot of work to be done, but at least I know where I stand in the whole process now. I have accepted my task from the universe. I found out once I stopped being scared and lazy that the universe finally did answer my wishes. I now have a couple of experienced coven sisters who have taken over some of the coven duties to help free up my time. They have been a Goddess-send already! Things might have gone a little easier for me if I had just listened to the universe a little sooner and if I had not blatantly told the universe what I did not what in my life. I guess that is how we learn and grow though-by our mistakes. At least now I know it is not “Be careful what you wish for” but rather “Be careful what you don’t wish for.”