Wicca History, Lesson 2

Lesson Two

Beginning of the Burning Times Part one.

We will start looking at the dark times of Wicca because there is so such to take in, we will run this over two, may three  lessons as there much to burning times that we must discuss  within the course.

The Beginnings of the Burning Times

The burning times were the beginnings of the organised church fight to banish the beliefs of the people whom still held on to their pagan/wiccan beliefs in spited of the Christian Church teachings.

We must look at the black ground to beginnings of these times and the causes.

One of these factors was the eroding of the Christian Church who in fact in many county areas was beginning to have lost its  foothold with the people who turning back to pre-christen beliefs this made the church increase their efforts’ by any means to eradicate all residue of the Pagan tradition.

We have also to look at the emotional and mental impact of the Black Death; it is an interesting note that women had a higher survival rate than men in during the deadly plague.  This in turn led to demonization of a complete gender I. E. Women by the church.

First  let’s look at the Canon Epscopi the first official document of the Catholic Church on the subject of Witchcraft, this document is accredited to the council of Ancyra in 314 CE, however there is no known document that appears prior to the tenth century  and many scholars on Witchcraft now believed that Bishop Regino wrote the document himself.

The Canon stated that no such thing as “witchcraft” exists because only god can have power over humans and it was an illusion and those who believed in the possibility of witches were ordered by the church to do penance.

At this time the church wanted to deny the reality of witches because they were linked to the old Pagan female deities such as Freya, Diana thereby denying the power of the witch was also denying the power of the old gods.  Inters sting fact within the canon it stated that night fight and transformations did not occur on a literal level!

The Canon Epscopi was incorporated into Church Law in the twelfth century and was the official teaching of the church till December1484.

There is no homework as we will build this in the next lesson.