Oracles and Omens

A Victorian Samhain

Through the years Witchcraft has evolved as Magick and divination have become more creative. In the Victorian Age the craft was discussed openly without any consequence. Spell casting would soon become old Wives tales at least that is how it was told. How convenient for the women of that time who still wished to cast.

Some spells were printed on Post Cards and sent on the proper Holiday to friends and Family. No one was any wiser to the truth.

One way of divination was Apples. The spells and Fortune Telling with the Fruit were altered to the use of being a Game.

Apples are a fruit of love and protected by the Gods making it much more attractive.  If a Spell is Cast on the proper Moon and the Proper day the divination wished for will arrive, bringing with it you’re untamed Desires. Believe in the Fruit of Love and your every Dream will become a Reality


When eating an Apple snap it with your Fingers and say the name of the Person you Wish to Marry. Count the unBroken seeds the rest are kisses to be Received.

Repeat these Words ~

One’s my love,
Two’s my love,
Three’s my heart’s desire.
Four I’ll take and never forsake,
Five I’ll cast in the fire.
Six he loves,
Seven she loves,
Eight they both love,
Nine he comes,
Ten he tarries,
Eleven he goes,
Twelve he marries.
Thirteen honor,
Fourteen they part,
Fifteen they die of a broken heart,                                                                                                                                 All the rest are little witches.

Apples are also a Symbol of Magick; slice one in half to reveal the Witches Star. Apples can be used as Protection from negativity.

Victorian’s called Halloween Snap Apple Night or Nut Crack Night. Because of the games played with nuts and Apples to determine who would take the young ladies hand in Marriage.

Rub two halves of a sliced Apple on a wart, bury it the Backyard, soon the Wart will Disappear.


Swing a peeled Apple skin around your head Three times; throw it Over your right shoulder to the floor. The skin will reveal the initial of your True Love.

Bobbing for Apples has always been a Favorite of All Ages. Whoever bites the first Apple will be the first to Marry. The girls who caught an Apple placed it under their pillow to Dream of their future Lover.

Another game is to tie an Apple to a Tree and try to catch It with your Teeth.


Find a Ribbon or strip of cloth that represents your Deepest wish, and tie it into the branches of an Apple tree. As the cloth weathers away, your Wish will come true.

“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.”
“To eat an Apple before going to bed makes the Doctor beg for his Bread.”

Eat an Apple at midnight before the Mirror, saying,–
Whoever my True love may be,
Come and eat this Apple with Me,
holding the Lamp in your hand. The true love will appear.


May the Reflection which you see,

Be the counterfeit of me.

POMANA ~ Goddess of Plenty

Her name comes from the Latin word Fruit. She is associated with the Blossoming of Trees. In 19th century statues and building Decorations she is usually shown carrying either a large Platter of fruit or a Cornucopia. Pomona was a Virginal wood Nymph who rejected several suitors before finally Marrying Vertumus – and the only reason she Married him was because he disguised himself as an old Woman, and then offered her advice on who she Should marry. Vertumnus turned out to be quite Lusty, and so the two of them are responsible for the Prolific nature of Apple trees. Pomona shares a Festival with her Husband that is Celebrated on October 13th.


*Happy Samhain*