Wiccan Basics

Days of the week and the full moons

Days & Months

Days of the Week and The Full Moons

Monday – represents the moon, Hectate rules, white and violet, cancer sign, spells for healing, psychic development, travel, visions, love, and home, Gather herbs on this morning, ylang ylang oil

Tuesday – Mars, red, Sagittarius sign, spells for fire, energy, physical strengh, channeling spirits, and courage, rose oil

Wednesday – Mercury, yellow and orange, Gemini and Virgo signs, spells on commerce and trade, knowledge, wisdom and divination, sandalwood oil.

Thursday – Jupiter, blue, Aries and Scorpio signs, spell for prosperity, love, socail status, good fortune, tool concecration, business, violet oil

Friday – Venus, Freya rules, green, Taurus and Libra signs, spells for growth, love, fertility, beauty, lust, friendships, pleasuree and meditation, jasmine oil

Saturday – Saturn, brown and black, Capricorn and Aquarius signs, spells for healing injury, binding, grouding, protection, stability and saving money, ylang ylang oil

Sunday – Sun, Apollo rules, yellow and gold, Leo sign, spells for wealth, health, friendship, protection, fortune, harmony, sucess, frankinsence oil


January Moon – Wolf Moon

Feburary Moon – Ice Moon – Imbolc 1st

March Moon – Storm or Worm Moon – Ostara 20 -23rd

April Moon – Growing or Pink Moon

May Moon – Hare or Flower Moon – Beltane 1st

June Moon – Mead or Rose Moon – Litha 20 – 23rd

July Moon – Hay or Buck Moon

August Moon – Corn Moon – Lammas 1st

September Moon – Harvest Moon – Mabon 20 – 23rd

October Moon – Blood or Hunters Moon – Samhain 31st

November Moon – Snow or Beaver Moon – New Year 1st

December Moon – Cold Moon – Yule 20 – 23rd

From Dec 24th (winter soltice) to June 23rd (summer soltice)the Gods rule and the days will get longer and longer. The longest day being June 23rd. From June 24th to Dec 23rd the Goddess rules and the days grow shorter and shorter; the shortest being Dec 23rd.

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