HearthBeats: Recipes from a Kitchen Witch

With the Holidays coming on fast..this time of year is overloaded with food recipes.. So what I have done is put together some meal blessings and a Blessed Home recipe.. And I wish you all a Blessed Home and Hearth…

Blessed Home recipe

3 cups of Love
4 spoonfuls of Hope
2 cups of Warmth
2 spoonfuls of Tenderness
1 cup of Forgiveness
1 cup of Friends
1 barrel of Laughter

Combine Love & warmth,
Mix thoroughly with tenderness.
Add Forgiveness and Blend with friends & Hope.
Sprinkle in all remaining tenderness.
Stir in a generous amount of  laughter.
Bake with Forgiveness, Say God/dess’s blessings over it.

Gather up a handful of friendship,
Squeeze in a mixture of love ,
Mix in an open line of communication.
Throw in a lot of understanding and patience,
Blend in a lot of laughter, Whip up the time to be together,
Put all in a bowl — Mix it together,
And – OH YES!!!  now you have
A Recipe for a Blessed Home!!
serve daily in generous helpings

Before you sit down and enjoy your Holiday meal; be it Thanksgiving or Yule or Lammas.. or any other Sabbat/Holiday throughout the year, Honor The Deities by simply pouring or cutting off a portion and set it aside for God/dess. You will need a bowl or plate set at the table to do this. It is customary to empty the dish outside under a tree once the meal is complete, but if you live in the city or have someone who could use it.. You may offer it to an elderly friend or neighbor, thus passing the blessing of your meal along. . If you choose to give thanks to a particular deity, simply choose a food sacred to that god and place it outdoors.


This is a two part Blessings, the Mom and Dad or the High Priest and Priestess.. Whoever presides over the meal.

God: Mine is the ripening sun.

Goddess: Mine is the nurturing soil.

God: Mine is the fruit of the vine.

Goddess: Mine is the chalice of life.

Both: We are the blessing of wine!

And the wine nourishes us.

God: Mine is the planted seed.

Goddess: Mine is the fertile earth.

God: Mine is the mower’s blade.

Goddess: Mine is the oven of making.

Both: We are the blessing of bread!

And the bread nurishes us.

We bless this bread, drink and food
This table and all that is good.

Here is another that is quick and simple.

Made with love, Blessed with love, Shared with love
We are one with the earth and all that is on it..
Blessed be

I like these.. they seems more formal

Mother Earth who gives to us this food,
Father Sun who makes it ripe and good,
Blessed Earth, Blessed Sun,
We’ll not forget what you have done.

Lord and Lady so divine.
Bless this food and Bless this wine
Bring health, wealth, wisdom,
to all that sit here
and as your will so mote it be.”

Mother Earth and Father Sun we thank you so,
for the food and beverage you bestow.
For your protection and your love,
and everything you do for us.
We offer you Thanks, Love, and Mirth,
as we eat your bounty, Father Sun and Mother Earth.

These Holidays/Sabbats, take the time to truly give thanks to your God and Mother Earth for all you have been blessed with

Until next month

Merry Cooking and Blessed Eating

The Hearthkeeper

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