Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

The Spectrum of Love and Connection to Divine

Prior to being born to our mother into the shell we call our body we existed in our True form or Spirit form on the spiritual plane (Heaven). There we existed with and within the Divine (God/dess). When our physical body dies we will pass through the Veil and back to spiritual plane in order to transition to our next experience. Our Higher Self or Spirit never ceases to exist.

We are both; yin and yang, dark and light, night and day, Goddess and God, female and male. In essence we are neither female nor male – we are both. It is only on this physical plane of existence that we adopted a specific gender knowing that each gender would lead to a specific life experience. It was not by chance or coincidence. We made that choice before we transcended here. We chose our gender, our parents and our bodies. We made these choices because we were aware of what this specific physical body had to offer us and we wanted to experience it.

The moment we were born into physicality our connection to Source was weakened. Our focus shifted from non-physical to physical sensations. Connection to Source can enhance the experiences we manifest in our life but only if we nurture and maintain the bond. Unfortunately, many of us lose sight of that. We become so distracted by the pleasures and sometimes pains of this existence that we forget that Spirit is always available to guide us. If we neglect our relationship to The Divine it will erode to the point where the connection is almost non-existent.

To procreate our species there must be an egg and a sperm present. If we chose to be born on this plane as a female we knew that it would naturally lead to the experience of motherhood and in the same respect if we were born as a male we knew that it would lead to fatherhood. However, while we traveled our path experiencing life we may have come to a conscious decision that we didn’t wish to experience parenthood. We made choices that lead in a different direction than we originally anticipated before we manifested here in our current physical body. However, while that may have happened, the initial motivation for transcending here as a specific gender never altered.

So, what about this activity called sex? The purpose of sex is to procreate. Our bodies are equipped for the reproduction of our species. Being a human we possess emotions and they along with our bodies become engaged in the act of sexual intercourse. Sex is a physical expression of love, a strong emotional tenderness and caring we feel for another. Whether that individual is of the opposite or the same gender is irrelevant since we are in essence both. We are sacred beings and because of this all acts of love and pleasure are sacred. We are expected to love others as we are all of and part of the same Source.

Love is pure and simple. It originates with The Divine. But love can also be the most complex human emotion. While we thrive on this physical plane of existence our physicality taints our emotions – including love. As we experience love with someone we search for a way to express the depth of this bond with him or her. Sex is the physical manifestation of just that. It is natural to express love physically as we live in physicality. If we were on a spiritual plane then we would be expressing the emotion in a spiritual way. Love transcends gender because our Higher Self IS both genders but our bodies, the physical manifestations of who we are, – do not.