Wiccan Basics

Basic Color Chart

Black: Usually associated with the energy and ministerial figures, black stops gossiping, meddling people right in their tracks.  It’s also great for breaking bad habits, or for any work that involves separation, wisdom, secrets, or invoking the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Pale Blue: This shade goes a long way in relieving confusion, anxiety, and loss of control.  Try it for effects that involve calmness, peace, tranquility, healing, and pleasant dreams.

Dark Blue: If you need to get organized and add some structure to you life, this is the color for you.  It’s also a wonderful hue for invoking the Water Element, or calling upon feminine deities.

Brown: If you tend to bounce off the wall with excess energy, try brown.  It works wonders when it comes to grounding and centering, as well as for magical work involving stability and common sense.  Try it too, for diffusing potentially harmful situations.

Gold: generally used in altar candles to represent the God, gold tends to make us feel financially prosperous and personally secure.  It’s also great to perk up efforts involving financial increase and general success.

Green: If you lack ambition, hate challenges, and always feel that you’re dependant on someone else, this color can help.  use it, too, for invoking fertility, prosperity, growth, general independence, and the Earth Element.

Lavender: This color is a fabulous tension-reliever, even in the most stressful situations.  It’s also great for workings that involve the intellect and knowledge retention, controlling erratic energy, and for making inner beauty come to the surface.

Orange: If personal motivation is a problem, try orange.  There’s nothing quite like it to make you want to get off your duff and take action.  It’s also great for attraction rituals, gaining positive test scores, and business projects, and proposals.

Peach: Because peach is a safe, reassuring color, it works wonders wonders during those times, when a gentle, nurturing and nonthreatening appearance is necessary.  It’s also a great asset to efforts involving friends, kindness, sympathy, empathy, and well-wishing.

Pink:  because it stimulates self-love, this color can help you to become your own best friend.  It also works well in efforts that involve romance, love, friendship, and harmony.

Purple: A terrific color to wear on job interviews, purple helps you gain respect.  Try it too, for work that deals with spirituality, mental and psychic power, and for invoking the Akasha Element.

Red: Especially helpful to shy folks who hold positions of authority, this color really shines when it comes to taking charge in difficult situations.  It also works well in efforts that involve passion, sexual drive, vitality, and physical strength, energy and activity.  use it, too, when invoking the Fire Element or the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Silver: Commonly used in altar candles to represent the Goddess, this color also works well in rituals to relieve inner turmoil and gain a personal sense of peace and serenity.

Turquoise:  A must for workaholics, this color focuses you to take a step back and look at your workload through new eyes.  It works well in rituals that involve stress relief, study, and knowledge retention and finding logic in situations where none seems to exist.

White: To relieve tension and bring focus to life goals, try white.  It’s also great for efforts that require clarity to spiritual guidance, and for invoking the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. (Note: Since white is a culmination of all colors, it may be substituted for any color during magical work.)

Blessing until next Month