Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

It Doesn’t Have To be That Way

I was on facebook today and I happened to read a status message from a fellow witch that spoke about not believing in white light and rainbows but in facing life’s battles with sword in hand. It mentioned how it would be nice to have a positive outlook on everything but that the reality is that not everything is positive and not everything should be met with positivity. The message made me pause with a frown and I proceeded to politely disagree. I do believe that there is light and dark in life and I do believe that there is a contrast that we all experience. It is natural. The universe will always be seeking to maintain the delicate balance. However, even after agreeing to that I do believe that fighting battles just perpetrates more war. No one wins when the swords are crossed, something is always lost, even by the victor.

Please understand that I don’t sit here in judgment of anyone. I once had the same attitude when my life wasn’t filled with happiness. I encountered negative circumstances and negative people that influenced me to embrace anger and hostility but fueling myself with those emotions and attacking the situation or person never really fixed anything nor did it heal me. Instead it birthed new negativity in my life and created a whirlpool sucking me in deeper until I saw no way through that endless dark. I will not allow myself to live in that blackness again and I don’t understand why others embrace that path.

Just weeks ago, after almost two years of trying to conceive, my husband and I were finally pregnant! Our daughter, whom we had successfully called into our life experience, would be joining us on the physical plane. My plan was to share this information with our family and friends after the pregnancy was confirmed by a physician (or at least a store bought pregnancy test). But I would not be able to share this happy event at least not yet. It was not time. A few days prior to the day I planned on taking the test, I miscarried. My sorrow was palpable, my anger intense. Meeting this loss with anything but a positive outlook would be devastating to my spirit. Wallowing in the negative vibration and sadness would have eventually led to depression. I know this to be true. I’ve lived it before. This current storm needed to be met with the promise of sunshine. I created that light for myself from within with the help of the love and positive energy of so many of my friends who were able to touch me physically as well as spiritually.

You see I believe that if you live with the attitude that life is a battle then there will always be a war for you to fight in. If you expect and believe that you need to prove yourself a strong warrior, then there will always be challenges and enemies in your path for you to do so. But I do not believe that these things are necessary. Diseases don’t need to be fought – they require healing. Addiction isn’t a battle – it is a state of being and needs understanding.

Perhaps I am the typical tree hugging, love toting Wiccan that is called “fluffy” to some and weak to others but I don’t care. I am truly grateful to experience many blessings from The God and Goddess each and every day. My joy emanates from within and allows me to experience the lighter and more positive side of this life experience. Take a deep cleansing breath and release your anger, disappointment and frustration. Let go and come join me as I dance beneath the rainbow!