Journey of a Witch

Ostara-Goddess of Light

“In the light
Everybody needs the light.”
Led Zeppelin

The radiant dawn.

Who is the Goddess Ostara?
Does she hail from Germanic lands or elsewhere?
In some Pagan and Wiccan circles, March is associated with the Spring Equinox and the Goddess Ostara.

Controversies surround the validity of Ostara and her associations.

Bede the Venerable wrote about a Spring Goddess called Eostre who was honored with feasts during April.
There are some who that believe Bede the Venerable simply made her up in his writings.
Bede was an English monk who lived in the 8th century.
He was responsible for writings of historical, theological, and other works, and is regarded as a historian today.
Still, other historians think she was the reconstructed dawn goddess from various prehistoric cultures.

While I am certainly no historical scholar it is fascinating to read about human history.
Writings based upon older writings, based upon even older writings, based upon oral tradition seem to be the flow.
Meanings can get lost in language translations, the bias of the writer, and in time itself.
And let’s not forget that history is written from the perspective of the conqueror.
I do think people can get caught up in the past and forget what is going on in the present.
Regardless of the origins of Ostara, we have the seasons happening right now, whether that is a snowflake, raindrop, or sunshine.

Absence of validity is only important in those looking for validity in themselves.

The essence of Ostara is in the blooms and the gentle winds that surround you.
She remains within our memory and lives in the trees and grass.
In every heart today and in the past.

Though spring may not have been celebrated as it is today in modern pagan rites, it was a very important time for agricultural societies to plant crops after the last frost.
These people of old most likely did not perform elaborate rituals for the seasons, there was no time!  Living off the land they were already a part of the cycle of the seasons and a part of Nature that we are very much removed from in our modern cities.

Spring was relief from the bitter cold, a time when food became plentiful, and the dullness of days inside were sweetened by the taste of spring outside.

Spring is also the time when animals are busy making baby animals.
That baby bunny may look cute in the pet store but that baby bunny grows up.
It can be surprising as to how big a cute tiny bunny can get and how long they can live.
If you are looking for a bunny or any animal it is very important to research that animal, its care, housing, and life expectancy.
Be sure you are ready for a financial and life commitment.

Shine on.

Spring can teach us to honor our own light by reaching out to others whose light has dimmed.
Like the Dawn Goddess bringing light to the day, you can bring light for someone in need.
Whether that light shines on a person, creature, or Earth you will be sending Love and Light.
Plant a garden, even if just a sprig of Rosemary in your window sill. It will reward you with with seasonings and reminders that nature exists even in crowded cities.
Send a care package to a soldier (http://anysoldier.com/).
Read to an elderly person or take them a meal. Donate blankets to an animal shelter.
There are many things one can do to shine light on a dim day.

This is not only a good time for that spring cleaning but also a time for spiritual cleansing.
Let go of the harboring you cradled in winter. Release them into the wind to transform into droplets of dew or mist.

Everybody needs the light.

In the first warmth of the sun on the Spring Equinox greet Ostara or just the light you feel and release your pain to the warmth.
Light and Love can transform pain into joy. Share your day with loved ones with a meal held in honor of Ostara or Light and Love if you wish. Light gold or peach colored candles to bring in the day and let light bring its warmth. Meditate on the light and plant those seeds of patience, love and kindness within yourself to help you on your spiritual journey.

Radiate your light and shine on.