April, 2011

Merry Meet Readers!

April, 2011

We hope you had a wonderful Ostara!  Share your stories with us below in the comment box!

In this issue:

Review of Titania’s Crystal Ball

Review of Unseen World

and all you need to know about Mustard Garlic

We are looking for new writers.  We have an opening for an incense and oils writer and a craft writer.

We hope you enjoy this issue!!

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April Correspondences

April, 2011

Moon Name: The Growing Moon

Deities: Kali, Hathor, Anahita, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast

Nature Spirits: plant faeries

Colors: Red and gold

Herbs: basil, chives, dragons blood, geranium, thistle

Flowers: daisy and sweetpea

Tree’s: pine, bay and hazel

Scents: pine, bay, bergamot and my personal favorite patchouli

Stones: ruby, garnet, sard

Animals: Bear and Wolf

Birds: hawk and magpie

Powers: energy in creating and producing, balance is
returned to the nerves change, self confidence,
self-relience, take advantage of opportunities,
Time to work on emotional turmoil and get
your temper into prospective.

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Gems of the Goddess

April, 2011

Rhiannon The Welsh Queen

Her name was sung by the honey voiced Stevie Nicks in the song Rhiannon, back in the 1970’s, gaining her the attention she very much deserves.  Rhiannon is defiantly a warrior goddess in her own right, as well as a soft whimsical soul.  Her name means “divine queen” of the fairies, and she was often seen riding her horses in the flower fields among her fairy kingdom.  She sang to the birds, and anyone else who would happen to walk by.  The goddess had many gifts, with which she shared with many people.

Her life wasn’t all roses and fairy dust.  Her family arranged for her to marry an older man, a man of her “own kind.”  But Rhiannon being the individual she is, defied their wishes and fell for Pwyll, a mortal prince.  She proceeded to woo him outside his castle one day, and he instantly fell for her alluring glow.  She was a stunning sight to see; long hair, fair skin, and an infectious loving personality, galloping towards him on a white horse.  She could entice anyone, and she was aware of this, but never took it for granted.  She is a dazzling person, and Pwyll could not believe she was his, a women from another land.

The two met up again a year later as Rhiannon took Pwyll and his men through the winding forest to her home where they would be wedded, and she would be apart of the mortal world.

They rode and rode, amazed at Rhiannon’s speed and gracefulness.  The trees behind them began to close and soon they entered a clearing.  Within the clearing was a beautiful structure made of crystal that spiraled up into the sky.  This was the place Rhiannon called home.  Birds flitted and danced about Rhiannon singing to her.  It was a fairy tale moment in time.

After the wedding a great festival was held, with much happiness and joy.  Both families were accepting groups welcoming each other with open arms.  The group danced around the fairy kingdom celebrating the newly wed couple.  Unfortunately, the older man Rhiannon was set up to marry showed up and started creating havoc.  This would not be tolerated by her, so Rhiannon set out for him quietly as she could.  Using a bit of magic of course, she turned him into a badger, tied him up in a bag, and threw him into a river to drown.  As gracious as she may be, Rhiannon was not to messed with. Little did she know he escaped from the bag, and would cause future drama in her life later on.

In the mean time Rhiannon and her husband lived on in the Pwyll’s palace.  Soon his family started to question the couple about having an heir to the thrown, and began to question Rhiannon’s ability to be within the royal family.  Rhiannon quickly took notice and produced a beautiful baby boy.  Being exhausted from child birth, Rhiannon was assigned 7 maids to help her with her new child.  They were to take shifts caring for the infant.  One night they all fell asleep on the job, and awoke to find the crib empty.  Immediately alarmed and afraid of getting in trouble, they decided to put the blame on Rhiannon, killing an animal and scattering its blood and bones around the sleeping beauty.

The next morning the maids rang the alarm and spoke a hideous lie saying that Rhiannon ate her own child.  The whole town was a wreck, and even Pwyll did not defend his wife.  Blinded by anger, he sentenced her to be a greeter outside the castle gate and carry the visitors up the hill for as long as she lives.

She agreed to her punishment, enduring it for many years.  Eventually her integrity and acceptance began to grow on the visitors, and people started to show kindness towards her once again.

In the fall, a man, his wife, and a young boy showed up at the gate.  Rhiannon told them she was there to carry them up the hill, but the family refused.  The boy leaned down and handed her a piece of an infants clothing.  Shocked and overwhelmed Rhiannon realized that the cloth had been woven by her.  She looked into the boys eyes and saw Pwyll’s gaze within them.  This boy was her son.    The family had taken him in when they found him abandoned years ago.  Once the news about Rhiannon reached them they knew that this boy must have something to do with her terrible fate.  So they set out to find her, and reunite Rhiannon with her son.

Soon the whole kingdom was made aware of what happened, and Rhiannon was accepted back into the royal family once more.

Her endless ability to forgive is a lesson we could all take note of.  Forgiveness is not only an important task to employ within yourself, but also with others.  It can unlock the door to everlasting peace, for you and all of the people that come and go in your life.  She also teaches us to endure life’s throw-backs with grace, and an open heart, learning what you can along the way.  Everything works out in the end, so in the mean time, take some time to sing and enjoy the flowers!  Be that inner maiden and approach things with a care-free attitude like Rhiannon did.


Practice the role of forgiveness in an area of your life.  May it be with yourself or with another person.  And remember if its with another person, your not saying that what they did was right, but your saying that your moving on, and are not dwelling on the matter anymore.  Baby steps are fine, either way some weight will be lifted off your shoulders.  Rhiannon is there to help!  Since its almost spring, go outside and connect with her for the help you need.  Give the fairies a donation, or do whatever you feel is right.  Make spring a fresh new start.


birds, horses, wind, the moon, gates, bayberry, sage, rosemary, gold, amethyst, dark green, brown, lavender, horseshoe, (the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac)

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Rebel Rede

April, 2011

The Pagan Yoga Connection

I am currently working on getting my yoga teacher certificate, so it is only fitting to write this month’s column about yoga. I guess you could say I got yoga on the brain. The longer I do yoga the more Pagan connections I see in it and the more I believe that yoga is the perfect practice for Pagans and witches. The eight limbs of yoga can easily be applied to our craft practice. In fact, most of them are already used regularly by witches and they just might not know it. Here’s what I mean:

Yoga Limb #1: Yama(s)-One’s ethical standards and how we treat ourselves and other. Principles yamas include: ahimsa (the practice of non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (continence), and aparigraha (non-covetousness).

Pagan Correlation(s): Okay so maybe most Pagans aren’t down for sexual continence, but we do try our best to practice some form of ahimsa through the Wiccan Rede “And ye harm none.” As witches we strive to use our magick and skills to heal the earth, to help others, and to bring about positive change. We also take our word and oaths very seriously. Witches should be honest and should be practicing some form of ethical standards, which is exactly what yoga teaches as well.

Yoga Limb #2: Niyama(s)-self-discipline and spiritual observances.

Pagan Correlation(s): It takes a lot of self-discipline and practice to be a witch. Even if we are born with natural spiritual abilities, we must take the time to practice them. We also regularly have spiritual observances through our rituals, and other magickal work.

Yoga Limb #3: Asana(s)-postures practiced in yoga.

Pagan Correlation(s): The many different yoga postures are great for flexibility, circulation, muscle building, detoxing, healing, and overall health. As witches we need to keep ourselves healthy in order to have the strength to practice our magick. We also believe in using things in both the physical and spiritual planes to bring about healing, which is also a belief and practice in yoga. We honor the Divine and honor the Divine in each of us through our spiritual practices. Having an asana practice will help keep our physical temples healthy.

Yoga Limb #4: Pranayama-breath control

Pagan Correlation(s): Many Pagans already use breathing exercises as a way to create energy for magickal work. Using our breath and connecting it the element of air can be a great way to enhance our magickal work! It also keeps us healthy!

Yoga Limb #5: Pratyahara-withdrawal and sensory transcendence

Pagan Correlation(s): Witches withdraw from the physical plane all the time. We use all of our senses for magickal work, so this is something we are used to. It takes some withdrawal from the physical plane and presence in the spiritual place to complete most magickal work. Pratyahara is not a new concept to witches.

Yoga Limb #6: Dharana-concentration

Pagan Correlation(s): Again concentration is not a new concept to witches. It takes lots of concentration to complete spells and to practice divination. Witches are already great concentrators.

Yoga Limb #7: Meditation and contemplation

Pagan Correlation(s): Witches already use meditation and contemplation to connect to their deities and to practice magick (like spell work).

Yoga Limb #8: Samadhi-enlightenment and connection to the universe

Pagan Correlation(s): Pagans do not necessarily believe in the traditional concept of heaven. Some believe in the Summerland, or a place our souls dwell in the afterlife. Some believe in reincarnation. No matter what you believe about life after death, spiritual enlightenment is a great end goal. As witches grow and learn we become more and more connected to this world, to our deities, to energy, to others, and to the spiritual plane. Basically we become enlightened. I think the Buddha would approve of the spiritual practices witches generally observe. We are already a pretty enlightened group overall.

It has been great getting to see both my yoga practice and my craft practice improve because of these types of connections (and correlations)! In fact sometimes the two collide and it can be a fun ride when they do. I feel lucky as a witch practicing yoga. I am already used to doing energy work and am pretty tapped into my mind, body, and soul connections. My personal craft practice allows me to experience my yoga practice better and more intensely. I would strongly recommend a yoga practice for all Pagans and witches! Trust me you won’t regret it!

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Stones Corner

April, 2011


Protects, heals, helps prevent wounds, purifies.  Aids circulation.  Relieves headaches and mental stress.  Helps money flow.  Considered an emblem of courage in ancient times.  In medieval Europe it was worn to clear bloodshot eyes, control bleeding, and ward off disease and accidents.    Used to calm, ground, revitalize.  Classic for wealth, menstrual cramps, anemia, bloodclots, hemorrhoids, birthing/reproductivity, imbalance.  Cleanings heart and blood circulation. marrow, thymus, lungs.  Increases courage. Acts on 1st chakra.

Boji Stone

Grounding, electromagnetic.  Balances body’s energy field.  Many have found they reduce pain by holding 1 in each hand.  Recharges electrically in sun.  Store boji’s apart – magneticness neutralizes each other.  Also wearing/holding with tiger’s eye or other stone containing asbestos may bring on ill feeling.  R This conglomerate of various minerals is a bridge between the mineral and the plant kingdoms.  It can proved subconscious training to humans wanting to bond with nature, specifically plants.  Therefore, communication is the theme, especially telepathic.  Works on 5th chakra.


Flattens and grounds energy.  Poor conductor.  Not generally used for healing but can be for the bronze in it.  Can dull/block energy.  May be used as shield, reducing sensitivity and awareness.  Assists hair growth and skin rejuvenation.

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Journey of a Witch

April, 2011

Sea To Shining Sea

“Treat the Earth well,
It was not given to you by your parents,
It was loaned to you by your children.”

Indian Proverb

We all want to do better for the earth. Many of us recycle, reuse, and cut down
on traveling when we can.

We celebrate Earth Day with festivals and have feel good talks on how we are making changes for the better.

Hey, we’re doing so much better now, aren’t we?

And yet…

Mother Earth is speaking.
We seem to not hear her in the hum of the city.
In the hum of the technology that surrounds us.
The hum is loud and drowning. It keeps our soul disconnected from Earth.

As children between Earth and Sky we used to feel her. We’d hear her breath in the ocean and her sighs upon the wind.

We listened to the gentle singing of the trees and the hum of life around us.
Harvesting the land, surveying the sky for storms,

becoming the animal in The Hunt, navigate  the land, and sea using the sun, moon, and stars.

Those were our tools.
We were a part of Earth.

Now, we live in cities, pay a lot of money for tools and capes and listen to our cell phone instead.
We travel far and wide to attend Pagan festivals  (some at sacred monuments) that create trash and congestion.

Mother Earth is not in those sacred monuments.
Just like Buddha is not in those statues and Jesus is not on that cross.

We use symbols to connect to the sacred but the sacred is not in the symbols.

The Sacred is the ground you are standing on, the air you breathe; your own breath.

I had a dream that the oceans went black.
Every ocean creature died.

Yes, Mother Earth is speaking.

She’s saying, “my children are dying.”

No one really knows what catastrophes or, for that matter, what good lies ahead.

What things will really be like if humans continue to argue about whose responsibility is it to change.
It’s like little children saying “I won’t go unless she goes.”

Earth has had many children, from volcano’s and lava to simple celled creatures to giants.
We are one of many and yet, on our watch we have managed to alter the face of Mother Earth with our own hands.

Not wind or water, but our human hands.

Yes, there have been massive extinctions and the earth has rebounded.
I suspect in given time she will rebound but perhaps without humans this time?
Maybe good for her, not so for us.

So with these hands let us pick up more trash.
Let us walk more, recycle more, and travel less.

Most importantly, let us demand more earth friendly energy.

While we are at it tell those huge companies like Monsanto to shove it and support a local farmer.
Your local farmer has more soul in the land than Monsanto, which is destroying farmers and the food we eat.

Speaking of the food we eat…

Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors of global warming.

Go vegetarian, even if just part time.

I’ve advocated a vegetarian diet through-out my articles.

Perhaps like me, you’ve heard from people, stories of  how easy it was to become a vegetarian and how  they lost weight…blah blah blah.

Seems no one is saying anything different.

So, if you are struggling with becoming a vegetarian and feel guilty because it seems so easy for others, let me tell you something.

Is it hard? You damn well better believe it!

It’s friggen hard when you like a cheeseburger!

Nothing worth fighting for is easy, however so I keep on fighting.

I struggle with it and I’m not perfect. In my heart I know the pain and cruelty animals thought of as food experience.

It is not always convenient as a mom with 3 children but all I can do is try.

Find support anywhere you can including me, hey I’ll support you!
Being the only veg in a family can be a struggle for one who likes meat but wants to change.

I do not want what I haven’t got.
Support local businesses hey, why not learn to make some of your own things? We used to.
Before the age of consumerism, we did not know how much we wanted. We only knew what we needed and we created it ourselves.

I don’t need your poisoned weed killer Monsanto!

Keep the seas shining.

In the garden you grow, in the candles you make, and in the clothes you sew.
What you do with your hands will be the most important imprint you leave behind.

Forgo the Earth Day festivals and stay home.

If you wish to attend a festival, bike, carpool or ride the bus and make sure to clean up after wards.

Get digging, cleaning, and planting.
Make candles, soap or soup!
Celebrate Mother Earth with your heart, home and hearth.

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Greetings from Afar

April, 2011

I’ll Never Leave You, Mama

It was a warm and sunny day in late spring, and the two little boys had been
out, like most of the local children, playing in the forest, and picking
berries… a common enough passtime for a pair of six years olds in a sleepy
little Russian village. It was 1962… a tense year for the world as a whole,
but not so tense for the inhabitants of Stoyietal, which, having been
bypassed by the recently constructed M-8 Motorway, was a lethargic place,
with most of the local “community” life centered around the usual Russian
activites of work, school, The Party and The Church. The old Moscow to
Yaroslavl Highway… the road that bisected the little city, was mostly unused
now, and generally served only to provide transport into Moscow the products
of the local factory, a conduit for heavy trucks laden with bricks, lumber,
cement and other items necessary to the building boom instituted a few years
earlier by then Premier Nikita Kruschev. In short, life was good in

The two little boys crossed the old highway north of the city and started
out into the forest in the general direction of Taratovka, the next little
village, some five kilometers distant. They had intended to walk to
Taratovka, picking berries as they went, and catch the local electric train
back to the Stroyietal Platform… a two or three minute ride. Sasha and
Pasha… Alexander and Pavel… had been friends for all of their short lives.
They had both been born in Stroyietal, had grown up together, living in the
same building, in adjoining flats, and… that very year… starting school
together at Public School 284. They were typical “best friends” and were
certain that they would be so for “life”.

The trip through the woods to Taratovskaya was without incident. The boys
had, in fact, a little trouble managing the heavy bucket that now coutained
some five kilograms of berries that they had picked along the way. They were
glad to get on the train, even for the three minute ride back to their own
platforn… just so they could put it down and rest their tired little hands.

The conductor… there were live conductors in those days… announced
Stroyietal Platform. Of course, the boys were already aware of this fact.
They picked up their bucket and left the train along with all of the other
commuters. It was now only a short walk home for them. They would make it
long before supper, and have plenty of time to wash their berries… and of
coursse… cram a few down as they did it.

Fifty feet from the platform, they came to their first, and only obstacle.
The road leading to their block of apartments crossed the old Moscow to
Yaroslavl Highway, just as it came out of a blind curve. The boys looked
carefully… both ways… then started across. They never saw what hit them. The
hugh Zil truck… what the locals call a “Trumanski”… because it is a direct
copy of the GMC Ten Ton Army Trucks that Truman sent to the Soviet Union on
“lend lease”… rounded the curve in a scream of brakes and blaring horns. The
driver saw the two boys, but only too late… He literally ruptured the break
lines on the heavily laden truck trying to stop…. but…

Ten tons of cement in hundred pound bags added to the weight of the moving
truck made stopping impossible. The truck skewed, first to the right, and
then to the left, in a screem of tires and a cloud of dust as the driver
fought for control. He tried with all his might to herd the big machine away
from the two little boys and into the opposite ditch… It was an exercise in

With a sickening thump, the front of the Zil crashed into little Sasha
Lushkov, tearing him away from Pasha, who was clear of the road surface, but
only just…

The driver of the truck finally stopped the vehicle. Knowing what had
happened… what he had done… he jumped from his cab and ran to the crumpled
body of the little boy, now lying in a mangled heap, some twenty feet from
the roadbed. Little Pasha began to cry as he realized what had happened to
his “best” friend, and ran home, as fast as he could. It wasn’t far… not
far at all.

Strangely enough, Sasha still alive when the driver found him. He remained so
for several minutes… long enough for his friend, Pasha to return, leading
their distraught parents… Also surprisingly, the little boy was still
conscious… barely…

The local Militia, who had arrived to question the driver of the truck and
take the necessary statements had already summoned an ambulance. It was, of
course, too late… Little Sasha died in his mother’s arms, looking up in
seeming wonder at her pain-twisted face, and that of his best friend. He
could hear the plea in the voice as his mother begged him not to “leave”…
not to “go away”… In his little mind, he was unaware of his own condition…
only that his mother was afraid that he would leave her, and that she would
be “lonely”…

“Don’t cry, mama,” he whispered. You won’t be lonely… I’ll never leave you…
I’ll always be with you”. Then, he closed his little eyes, and died.

The funeral was one of the biggest in the history of Stroyietal. It wasn’t
every day that a child died. The schools turned out, the factory closed.
Everyone attended. The truck driver who had, of course, been absolved for
his part in the death, walked solemnly and silently beside the tiny casket,
huge sobs wracking his body as the procession wound it’s way to the
cemetery. Like everyone else in Stroyietal, he knew the family. His own
children were not much older than little Sasha.

Two years passed.

Another child came the following spring, and Pasha, still stopped by the
Lushkov’s flat every day to say hello. Sasha’s toys were still on the shelf
in the living room, and his little wooden chair still stood beside the
kitchen table. From time to time, his little sister would play with them,
but, even as she grew, she never sat in the little wooden chair. In time,
the Lushkovs decided that they needed more room, and began the process of
moving to a slightly larger flat that had become available on a different
floor of the building. As always, Sasha came over to help…

They were just getting ready to make the final trip, when someone noticed
that they had forgotten Sasha’s chair. It was still standing in its usual
place, beside the kitchen table. Irina Lushkov, Sasha’s mother, put down the
load of books that she was carrying, and stepped back into the now empty
flat. She quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed the little chair,
thinking to put the books in the chair, which was quite tiny and not heavy,
and take the entire load to the new flat all at once. When she stepped into
the kitchen, she noticed that the little chair was gently rocking back and
forth, shifting slightly from one side to the other as if someone had just
been sitting there, and had risen suddenly. She looked around the room. It
was empty. She called out to Pasha, who had been “helping” them move, and
asked him if he had been sitting in the chair. The boy came running back
into the flat, to see what his friend’s mother wanted, but, his answer to
her question was, of course… no… He had been well out into the hallway at
the time. Irina Lushkov looked around to see if the toddler, Marina, was in
the room… No… also in the hallway.

Strange… She then reached down to pick up the little chair… At first, it
seemed unusually heavy, and slightly cool to the touch… As she picked it up,
a tiny, child’s voice said… “Mama… I told you that I’d never leave you. I’ll
always be with you…”

Pasha, who was, at that time, standing just behind her, also heard the
voice… and recognized it instantly as that of his little friend… Today,
almost forty years later, a far-away look still crosses the big man’s
weathered face face as he tells this story… “As far as I know,” he says,
“Sasha is still with them… They live downstairs you know…”

© 2011: Dr. J. Lee Choron; All rights reserved unless specifically granted
by  the author  in writing.

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Rose Embyrs

April, 2011

April Fertility Spell

When the hasty weather of March leaves your doorstep, the winds of April will begin. In mid-April, a full Wind Moon or Seed Moon will muster in a time of new beginnings. Set aside fertility correspondences until the moon is high, then spread your favorite seeds into the air and into the ground. Wild flowers will spring up everywhere soon and your this action-spell for conception or fertility will be answered.

Revel in the splendor of the Goddess as she wakens the trees, sleeping daffodils and makes your herb garden potent. Give roots to what you need growing in your life. A new relationship, riches or insight? Choose wisely, then give those spells a try during the full moon.

I’ve chosen to use the following fertility correspondences from my book, “Spellcaster: Book of Magick”, to enhance the nocturnal conjuring of this spellcasting for April fertility.
Fertility correspondences:

  • Colors: green
  • Trees: oak, hazel, and olive
  • Gods: Astarte, Ishtar, and Cybele
  • Herbs: dandelion, mandrake, and patchouli
  • Flowers: daffodil, orange blossom, and geranium
  • Metals: brass, iron and copper
  • Stone: geodes
  • Element: Air

These are strong and energy-infused correspondences for an April fertility spell. Place these items on your altar before you begin. Use your own spell or try mine to conceive the child you desire.

A Full Ritual For Fertility (Male or Female)

  • Moon Phase: Full
  • Time: Night
  • Place: Outdoors
  • Tools: Sandalwood or Rose incense.
  • Candles: 1 green & 1 red for fertility, 1 white for the Goddess, 1 gold for male fertility. Anoint candles with patchouli oil.
  • Gods/Goddesses: Astarte, Ishtar, and Cybele.

1.     Cast your circle. Invoke the Goddess and deities of your choice. Be specific and explain your need of fertility, either for your mate or yourself.

2.     Light your incense. Imagine the incense filling that part of you that you wish fertility to touch. It must fill you, grow around you and touch every part of you.

3.     Face to the East and say “Watchtowers of Air to the East, blow your wind to cleanse me. Face South. “Watchtowers of Fire to the South, burn away the challenges of fertility.” Face West. “Watchtowers of Water to the West, wash away my strife.” Face North. “Watchtower of the Earth to the North, make me the vessel of new life.”

4.     “Goddess, Mother, Astarte, Ishtar and Cybele, I implore you to heal me, so that I may enjoy the gift of motherhood.”

5.     Lie on the grass or a green blanket with your head pointing North and your arms pointed East and West. “Great mother and goddesses of fertility, make me ripe to bear the fruit of my love. Fill my womb with thy glowing light.”

6.     Feel the energy flow into your limbs and direct that energy to your womb. Concentrate on healing, removing scars, and making your womb strong.

7.     Now, rise and kneel before your alter: Give thanks to the Goddess and deities and blow out the candles one-by-one.

8.     Close your circle, ground and center.

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Paranormal Path

April, 2011

Imaginary Friend?

There is a theory, occasionally a controversial theory, that the
paranormal, ghosts, entities, etc, are best seen by children and animals.  Why
is this?

Children and animals are very “pure”.  Most do not know what a ghost really
is. The best way I can explain this is to imagine a filter in our brains that
will tell us what is “rational” and what we see is reality and what we do not
see or cannot make sense of therefore cannot exist.  The words “There is no such
thing” are rarely spoken unless a reason is brought to our attention.  The older
we get the more that filter develops and pending on the upbringing, that filter
may stay strong.

A perfect example can be given from personal experience.  Several years ago
I knew a man who lived in New Mexico at the time.  He called me once very
concerned.  His daughter, who was about 4 years old at the time, seemed to have
an imaginary friend.  This is a common thing with children but what separated
her friend was the fact that it was only present when her father was not in the
room.  He could hear her upstairs laughing and playing.  He would hear full
conversations between his daughter and her “friend” and what worried him most
was when she told him her “friends” name.  Not a common name and nothing a child
could think of.  He searched through all of her books and checked online for
anything resembling the name she spoke, but nothing could make the connection.
His daughter soon began to have days when she was scared and crying because her
“friend” was angry.  The experiences continued until they moved from the home.
This definitely turned him into a believer in the paranormal.
How many children are seeing ghosts on a regular basis but are afraid to
say anything due to no one believing them. I always try to keep an open mind.
When children tell me they have an imaginary friend or see something we cannot,
I ask questions like “Do they have a name?  Do they speak to you?  What do they
say?  What do they look like?”  Do some research to see if there is anything
that could trigger the child’s imagination, is the “friend” similar to any
character in a book, game, movie, or television program?  Usually information a
child would have no way of knowing is also a good indicator it may be more than
just part of playtime.
Another common theory is an animal’s ability to see spirits.  We know that
animals have extremely sensitive smell, hearing and sight.  There have been
several stories of an animal’s strange behavior.  Cats that focus on an area of
the home such as a staircase or a spot in a corner that appears empty.  Some
dogs have been known to growl or become very fearful at something that we simply
do not see.

I have worked with animals for well over a decade and have heard several
stories regarding pets and the paranormal.  Animals will never develop that
filter, they can never tell themselves that something isn’t real or doesn’t
exist.  My own beloved Siamese has moments of intense focus on empty areas or
she will hiss and growl at what appears to be nothing.  This is when I grab the
digital recorder and begin an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) session.  If you
believe the animal’s behavior could be due to the paranormal, and they obviously
cannot tell us what they see, try getting a digital recorder.  Go to the area
the animal seems to be most focused on and begin to ask questions as if someone
is in the room with you. “What is your name? Where are you from? What are you
doing here?” Give enough time for a response, and make sure there is no outside
noise like traffic, television, and radio. You can try an EVP session anywhere
you believe there is paranormal activity.  Once you have completed your session,
play the recording back, listen carefully and see if you hear responses. These
sessions may not guarantee results every time, but it is great practice for
aspiring ghost hunters.

Yes there are times when a child’s imagination can run wild, or our pets
show little personality quirks, but these are just some tips and tricks to try
and separate what is real and what is child’s play.

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For the History Keepers

April, 2011

you, who sing the histories,
who hold the memories, the hearts and souls
lift up your voices round the fire
and bless the ones who went before.
sing to the gods of battles fought, and won,
praise well the heroes – all who lived
and kept their honour with the Ones
who guarded well their souls.
lift to the gods the ones who stayed behind,
those who held the home-place safe from harm.
honour the children, new-woven in the thread of life
which ties us all to those who lived so many lives before.
and honour well the ones who love the gods today,
keeping them, claimed, within their hearts
so none are lost
but burn still, incandescent, in our souls.

copyright sama 2011

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