Paranormal Path

Imaginary Friend?

There is a theory, occasionally a controversial theory, that the
paranormal, ghosts, entities, etc, are best seen by children and animals.  Why
is this?

Children and animals are very “pure”.  Most do not know what a ghost really
is. The best way I can explain this is to imagine a filter in our brains that
will tell us what is “rational” and what we see is reality and what we do not
see or cannot make sense of therefore cannot exist.  The words “There is no such
thing” are rarely spoken unless a reason is brought to our attention.  The older
we get the more that filter develops and pending on the upbringing, that filter
may stay strong.

A perfect example can be given from personal experience.  Several years ago
I knew a man who lived in New Mexico at the time.  He called me once very
concerned.  His daughter, who was about 4 years old at the time, seemed to have
an imaginary friend.  This is a common thing with children but what separated
her friend was the fact that it was only present when her father was not in the
room.  He could hear her upstairs laughing and playing.  He would hear full
conversations between his daughter and her “friend” and what worried him most
was when she told him her “friends” name.  Not a common name and nothing a child
could think of.  He searched through all of her books and checked online for
anything resembling the name she spoke, but nothing could make the connection.
His daughter soon began to have days when she was scared and crying because her
“friend” was angry.  The experiences continued until they moved from the home.
This definitely turned him into a believer in the paranormal.
How many children are seeing ghosts on a regular basis but are afraid to
say anything due to no one believing them. I always try to keep an open mind.
When children tell me they have an imaginary friend or see something we cannot,
I ask questions like “Do they have a name?  Do they speak to you?  What do they
say?  What do they look like?”  Do some research to see if there is anything
that could trigger the child’s imagination, is the “friend” similar to any
character in a book, game, movie, or television program?  Usually information a
child would have no way of knowing is also a good indicator it may be more than
just part of playtime.
Another common theory is an animal’s ability to see spirits.  We know that
animals have extremely sensitive smell, hearing and sight.  There have been
several stories of an animal’s strange behavior.  Cats that focus on an area of
the home such as a staircase or a spot in a corner that appears empty.  Some
dogs have been known to growl or become very fearful at something that we simply
do not see.

I have worked with animals for well over a decade and have heard several
stories regarding pets and the paranormal.  Animals will never develop that
filter, they can never tell themselves that something isn’t real or doesn’t
exist.  My own beloved Siamese has moments of intense focus on empty areas or
she will hiss and growl at what appears to be nothing.  This is when I grab the
digital recorder and begin an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) session.  If you
believe the animal’s behavior could be due to the paranormal, and they obviously
cannot tell us what they see, try getting a digital recorder.  Go to the area
the animal seems to be most focused on and begin to ask questions as if someone
is in the room with you. “What is your name? Where are you from? What are you
doing here?” Give enough time for a response, and make sure there is no outside
noise like traffic, television, and radio. You can try an EVP session anywhere
you believe there is paranormal activity.  Once you have completed your session,
play the recording back, listen carefully and see if you hear responses. These
sessions may not guarantee results every time, but it is great practice for
aspiring ghost hunters.

Yes there are times when a child’s imagination can run wild, or our pets
show little personality quirks, but these are just some tips and tricks to try
and separate what is real and what is child’s play.