Rose Embyrs

April Fertility Spell

When the hasty weather of March leaves your doorstep, the winds of April will begin. In mid-April, a full Wind Moon or Seed Moon will muster in a time of new beginnings. Set aside fertility correspondences until the moon is high, then spread your favorite seeds into the air and into the ground. Wild flowers will spring up everywhere soon and your this action-spell for conception or fertility will be answered.

Revel in the splendor of the Goddess as she wakens the trees, sleeping daffodils and makes your herb garden potent. Give roots to what you need growing in your life. A new relationship, riches or insight? Choose wisely, then give those spells a try during the full moon.

I’ve chosen to use the following fertility correspondences from my book, “Spellcaster: Book of Magick”, to enhance the nocturnal conjuring of this spellcasting for April fertility.
Fertility correspondences:

  • Colors: green
  • Trees: oak, hazel, and olive
  • Gods: Astarte, Ishtar, and Cybele
  • Herbs: dandelion, mandrake, and patchouli
  • Flowers: daffodil, orange blossom, and geranium
  • Metals: brass, iron and copper
  • Stone: geodes
  • Element: Air

These are strong and energy-infused correspondences for an April fertility spell. Place these items on your altar before you begin. Use your own spell or try mine to conceive the child you desire.

A Full Ritual For Fertility (Male or Female)

  • Moon Phase: Full
  • Time: Night
  • Place: Outdoors
  • Tools: Sandalwood or Rose incense.
  • Candles: 1 green & 1 red for fertility, 1 white for the Goddess, 1 gold for male fertility. Anoint candles with patchouli oil.
  • Gods/Goddesses: Astarte, Ishtar, and Cybele.

1.     Cast your circle. Invoke the Goddess and deities of your choice. Be specific and explain your need of fertility, either for your mate or yourself.

2.     Light your incense. Imagine the incense filling that part of you that you wish fertility to touch. It must fill you, grow around you and touch every part of you.

3.     Face to the East and say “Watchtowers of Air to the East, blow your wind to cleanse me. Face South. “Watchtowers of Fire to the South, burn away the challenges of fertility.” Face West. “Watchtowers of Water to the West, wash away my strife.” Face North. “Watchtower of the Earth to the North, make me the vessel of new life.”

4.     “Goddess, Mother, Astarte, Ishtar and Cybele, I implore you to heal me, so that I may enjoy the gift of motherhood.”

5.     Lie on the grass or a green blanket with your head pointing North and your arms pointed East and West. “Great mother and goddesses of fertility, make me ripe to bear the fruit of my love. Fill my womb with thy glowing light.”

6.     Feel the energy flow into your limbs and direct that energy to your womb. Concentrate on healing, removing scars, and making your womb strong.

7.     Now, rise and kneel before your alter: Give thanks to the Goddess and deities and blow out the candles one-by-one.

8.     Close your circle, ground and center.