Hally’s Hints

In The Spiritual

Every day we are evolving, every day we are looking for new ways of expanding ourselves across the multitude of possibilities available. At times it has a weaving feeling of being in the physical and then moving out into the ethereal, and then back again. There can be calmness to this process, not unsimilar to the ebbs and flows of the life that we have become accustomed to.

So, how can we take it further? How can we evolve beyond the limitations of our mechanistic boundaries to allow the true transformation within our spiritual self?

Often we are limited not by what we believe we lack, but rather what we do not acknowledge within ourselves. Let me take this further…

As beings that exist through connection to others and our environment we come to rely on these external factors to assist us and at times cause the shift we require irrelevant and oblivious of what is happening within ourselves.

Many of us would be familiar with constantly asking others for advice, seeking approval from others and depending on others to feel part of something.

The irony is that underneath all of this, the whisper that we know is there which highlights the feeling of an unfulfilled void, we choose to ignore as somewhere along the way we lost trust in ourselves and the connection to self.

It can become such a vicious circle of endeavouring to fulfil the void through external means which only deepens the void with self. This no doubt is familiar to many, if not most, of us at some point in our journey.

So we come back to the question of how to go further; how to take your spiritual self to the next level?

The first step is actually rather simple. It starts with the connection to self; the connection between the physical, spiritual and ego. Ego has many names however, when used in conjunction with aspects of self; ego is the easiest term to use.

To be in the spiritual it is not about disconnecting from all the other aspects of self, rather it is the inclusion of; it is working holistically as one for the greater good and being aligned to your ethereal purpose. An analogy would be trying to drive a car with no motor or no wheels. All parts must be present for the car to move forward. We are similar.

The second part of being in the spiritual is to go within; it is taking the journey into your inner self to listen to the answers that you seek which will provide you the guidance and support you need to go further in your journey.

This can be done with others in a group however; ultimately, the core must be done with only the aspects of self. There is no point asking others for advice on what to do next or where to go because any response you receive will be based on that person’s journey, not specific to yours. This is what makes this so incredibly amazing.

There is no judgment in this process, only unconditional love to allow you to be and connect to the true essence of self through the spiritual.

The answers are and will always be within. When aligned they will be heard more clearly and more easily. The ability to move forward will become the natural evolution of your being.

To be in the spiritual is a magical place and it takes you to be you in entirety.