Mother’s Day for the Great Mother

May is full of flowers and the promise of  growth and abundance. How fitting that we honor mothers during this month. No matter your relationship with your earthly mother, it is a time to honor and celebrate the Divine Mother.

The energy and movement of spring cleaning is the perfect start to the growth cycle we are moving toward. Goodness knows the domestic queens in print and on television are on us to sweep the winter out of our homes. And it is exactly that visualization we on the eclectic path can use.

As we use our tools of choice, be they handmade brooms or dust busters,  we stir up the dormant energy that settles in our homes as well as our bodies. Moving the energy and touching the items in our homes we love brings gratitude into the labor. Now we are blessing our surroundings and inviting the Divine to fill every corner. Now we are ready for Mother’s Day!

Fill the space with the new growth of plants. Pots of herbs and flowers as well as cut flowers are bright and cheery and fitting for the Divine Mother. How easily we can create an altar with dyed eggs and bunnies as well as festive food. In our southern neighborhood we fit right in with the friends who celebrate Easter.

Food, friends and family are the blessings of our Divive Mother. How lovely to celebrate together in the newness of life!