Rebel Rede

Healing, the Witch Way

About two months ago my Pug Nacho Libre unexpectedly passed away. He was only 4 years old. It was the first time I have ever lost a pet and it was much harder than I thought it would be. I was surprised by how much my body reacted to the grief. One of the issues was that his death was so sudden and unexpected. I tried to dry my tears and to move on with my normal day to day life. I knew I was pushing away the grief and not really dealing with how I was feeling, but I thought it would hurt too much to really face what happened. I was also overwhelmed with my class and work schedule and felt like I did not have time to grieve-my life was just too busy. After about a month though I realized I really needed to deal with what happened and to start the healing process. It was then that I remembered I am a witch. I have magickal ways I can help myself to heal. I don’t know why I did not think about this before, but I suddenly just had the urge to do a healing ritual, some spell work, and some magickal cleansing.

It doesn’t matter how or what you do to magickally heal, but I do believe it is important for witches to do something other than mundane healing. I chose to cleanse my room (where Nacho died), have a ritual, and to do a three day healing spell (candle spell work).  I also threw a little Hoodoo in there, and used some graveyard dirt, string, and a crossroads to “bury” my grief. It is what worked for me. My favorite picture of Nacho Libre is now resting safely on my ancestor altar, where he is at peace. Through my magickal workings I am also slowly coming to peace with what happened. It is never easy for us to face death and loss of any kind, but it is a natural part of the cycle of life. Death is just the emptying of our physical shell, so that our spirit can move on to another place. Nacho isn’t gone forever his spirit is just on a different plane now. I still am finding physical evidence of Nacho in my house every day. Even in death he is still wreaking havoc and causing trouble. That’s just the crazy Nacho that I love!