Me,Myself and I, Notes from a Solitary Practitioner

When things are going well in life it seems somehow easier to forget the practice’s we follow.  For the past few year’s I have tried to be thankful on a daily basis and have used a ritual from The Craft Companion by Dorothy Morrison:

Light a white candle and incense and say the following:

I give you thanks for all you do

For obstacles and smooth roads too

For challenges that make me grow

And all the pleasant things that show

That you are looking aftr me

I thank you Ancients Blessed Be!

Then a few months ago I decided to write and implement my own Thanksgiving ritual also:

Wise all knowing God and Goddess

I try to walk the path just as I should

And as I come to you when things are bad

I come now when things are good

I give to you my hertfelt thanks

That things in life are going right

And I also come to ask you

Keep me in your protective light

Now things are falling into place, and even some ahead

But the swiftness with which the bad can come

Is the change I truly dread

I thank you for the joy life brings

And it’s beauty every day

I’m asking in this circle now

For things to stay this way

So please surround and shield us all

From the harm of negativity

As always I’m your Wiccan child

Tis my will so mote it be

The awesome thing about a thanksgiving ritual is that it keeps us focused on the positive, and that set’s us up to continue to attract the positive.  As time has passed since I started using these the negative seems to visit far less often and the little things that remind me of whats good are so much easier to see!