The Kitchen Witch

The Kitchen Altar

The kitchen in most houses is the centre of the home, a place of power.

Having an altar in your kitchen gives you a focal point to connect with, it is a reminder that your kitchen is a sacred and powerful place.  It says that you have an ability to nourish yourself, your family and also connects you to the divine.

And I never need an excuse to create a new altar in my house!

Each and every altar will be different and will be tailored to your own personality and the space and money you have available.  It doesn’t need to be large, costly or grand.  Have fun with it, make it your own, allow your inner child to come out and play with it.

So what do you put on it?

Well, a good starting place is a statue or representation of a goddess or god, one that connects as a kitchen deity would work well.   If no one particular kitchen deity springs to mind, do some research or meditation and see what comes up.  Your kitchen will become a place to honour that deity and they in turn will honour you and your kitchen creations!

Once you decide upon the deity, find a statue or something that represents her/him.  It can be a likeness or you could make your own if you are handy with clay or papier mache, or even something created out of natural items – twigs or fabric.  The other alternative is to find a picture on the internet and print it off, although you might like to laminate it to keep it clean or pop it in a photo frame.

It also doesn’t have to be a human representation, it could be  a dragon or an animal, the choice is yours!

Placement of your altar is up to you, but will ultimately be where you have the space and a safe place away from direct flames, and where it won’t be knocked over or bumped into.

My own kitchen altar is a small green man that has a flat top making it into a small shelf so he hangs on the wall above the sink.  I have representations of the four elements on it and a tiny vase that I put fresh flowers in.

The other items you put on it are your choice, I chose to represent the elements but it is entirely up to you.  It could include items that represent you, it can also have seasonal decorations, pentacles, herbs and pictures.

Candles are good, they represent air and reminds us of the hearth.  Food works too, I sometimes put a couple of nuts on my altar for prosperity, if you use perishable items remember to replace them regularly.   Items from nature work too – shells for water, pebbles for earth, crystals (I have a piece of goldstone to represent fire).  Seasonal flowers and herbs also look good.

To keep with the kitchen witch theme you could also put a tiny cauldron on your altar, and even tiny household utensils, dolls house furniture is excellent for this.

I have an incense holder in my kitchen that not only works to put me in a particular mood but also works as an air freshener after I have been cooking.

Don’t forget to bless and consecrate your items as you place them on the altar, to add to sacred space you have created.