Hally’s Hints

The Ego and the Spiritual

The ego plays an interesting role within each of us. Some believe it is our conscious and its role is to, in no better terms, look after us from/with the external world. Some call it the little voice in our head often telling us why we should, or should not, undertake certain actions. The American Heritage Dictionary defines ego as: “…the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behaviour, and is most in touch with external reality.”

In terms of the ego and the spiritual, it is another aspect that makes up “self”.

In using this perspective, ego can either work for or against us, depending on the alignment at that time. To take this further, it is also an aspect of self that can inhibit the ability to evolve into a higher vibrational level as it has a tendency of keeping us in the physical. This can create issues in moving into the spiritual as well as working on other planes.

However, the ego, when aligned to self, and then in turn united to the spiritual can assist in holistic connection with self, combining all centres of self allowing an even greater transformation into higher vibrational levels; which can surpass all of the known, expected and previous transitions.

For this to occur we must release the physical manifestations attached to the ego. This then allows for a new association to be created with the changing vibration. This transition can be easy and smooth, or it can be rather confronting due to the existing belief systems of the individual which are supported by the present state of the ego.

When confronted with this it can cause a step backwards, or several, due to the unfamiliar and uncomfortable sensation of the blind trust required in moving forward; which can at times, omit the security of habitual and clear expectations that we are used to.

Alternatively, a side step can be taken where the transition commences whilst still holding onto the belief systems at the same time. Inevitably one must give way as the transition gains flow and each of us can choose in that moment, which way we want to go.

Ultimately the choice is always ours; however, this should not be compromised through fear or confrontation. You will know if it is not the right time for you and equally when it is. Whilst it is best to be aligned authentically, you will know and feel within that the release of ego will provide an abundant connection to all aspects of self in a way yet to be experienced.

When working with the spiritual aspect of self, what role does your ego play?