July, 2011

Merry Meet

July, 2011

Welcome to the July Issue of PaganPages!!   This issue of PaganPages is sponsored by:

Creative Balance Healing provides Spiritual Alignment to Self via Spiritual
Coaching, Healings and Readings. This can include removing traumas from past
or present lives, providing information from your guides, angels or universe
on what you need right now, to reconnecting all of the aspects of self to
live in balance and harmony. www.creativebalancehealing.com or
[email protected].

Thank you Creative Balance Healing for making this issue possible.  If you are interested in sponsoring a month of PaganPages or advertising your company on our front page, email us at: [email protected]

This month’s issue is very exciting.  First we have a musical review of the group Bell, Book, and Canto.

Second we are bringing back our monthly contests!!  For this month’s contest send in the cutest pics you have of your little witchling.  Ages newborn-10.  Mail the pictures to [email protected]   All picture submissions must be in by July 20th.   The winner we choose will win:

A hand-bound copy of the book Wood Witch: A Wilding Workbook and a weathered barn-wood keepsake box filled with my special homemade potpourri.  Also a journal to keep a memoir of your witchling and your travels along your paths.

These prizes were generously donated by the Wood Witch at http://phantomcircle.blogspot.com/

Thank you Wood Witch!

We look forward to receiving your pictures!!

Happy Reading!!!

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Gems of the Goddess

July, 2011

Ran, The Oceanic Queen

A force to be reckoned with, Norse Goddess Ran is the ruler of storms and the sea itself.  Living up to her name, which means “robbery”, people saw her as dangerous, due to the fact that she would lure shipmen into her fishing net, and take them down into the very depths of her hall.  Ran’s hall is known as “the hall of gold” and is also the underworld of the sea.   Her affection for gold caused sailors to carry gold out on their ventures at all times, so they would stay in her good graces.

Being beautiful and also a bit destructive, Ran attracted the attention of Aegir, God of the sea.  The two had nine daughters, who are known as the waves themselves.

Ran doesn’t have an elaborate story associated with her, but her presence in the oceans is enough for us to know, that she doesn’t need one to tell of her greatness.  She is protector of sea creatures, and the well being of the sea.  There is no need for a grand story to tell of the things she has accomplished.


If you are heading to a beach this summer this is perfect.  Go out in the ocean and find a seashell big enough to write a short message on.  Next think of something you would like to accomplish within the year and write it on the shell.  Toss the shell in the ocean as far as you can throw, and have full faith that Ran will be there to help.  Remember to listen to any inner nudging’s afterword, and trust your intuition.

If you are not going to a lovely beach this summer or any other time soon, collect rainwater next time it rains, and work Ran into a wishing spell.  Bless the water by saying:

“Ran of the sea

Ran of the storms

Please allow this wish to be born”

Write a wish or something you want to accomplish on a small piece of paper, then toss it into your collected rainwater.  Let it sit on your alter until paper is disintegrated, toss whatever remains back into the earth.

An easy way to connect with Ran, would be to simply have fun in the rain, or enjoy her vast seas.


Rain water, the ocean, sea weed, fish and other sea creatures, mermaids, blue, sea salt, sea shells, gold things

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July, 2011

With Litha (mid-Summer/Summer Solstice) just passing us, I thought it apropos to do a spell this month focusing on ‘balance.’  Please take this spell and do it as you see fit.  It can be done indoors, outdoors, wherever you feel most comfortable.  May I suggest that you have something representing the four elements with you (earth, air, fire and water) and remember to protect your ‘circle’ or environment from outside energies.  Focus on balance in your life…what that means to you and the ripple effect it will have (in a good way) for others around you!  May your month balance out just perfectly!  ‘Till next month, Blessed Be.  ~~Morika


– a Prayer/Spell

“Balance is a must-have friend

To know it not, is to know an end

To go to one extreme

Then another

Is tantamount

To stress and bother

Therefore I plea

To set ‘Extreme’ free

And ‘Balance’ I pray

To come and stay.”

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July, 2011

(Loo-nas-ah) Major Sabbat (High Holiday) – Fire Festival August 1, 2

Other Names: Lunasa (meaning August), Lughnasaad, Lughnasa Celtic),First Harvest, August Eve, Feast of Cardenas, Feast of Bread, Tailltean Games(Irish), Teltain Cornucopia (Strega), Ceresalia (Ancient Roman) Harvest Home, Thingtide (Teutonic), Lammas (Christian). Laa Luanys, Elembious, Festival of Green Corn (Native American)

Animals and Mythical beings: Griffins, Basilisks, Roosters, Calves, Centaurs, Phoenix

Gemstones: aventurine, citrine, peridot, sardonyx, yellow diamonds, citrine

Incense and Oils: wood aloes, rose, rose hips, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus, safflower, corn, passionflower, frankincense, sandalwood

Colors: red, orange, golden yellow, green, light brown, gold, bronze, gray

Tools, Symbols, and Decorations: corn, cornucopias, red, yellow flowers, sheaves of grain (wheat, barley, oats), first fruits/vegetables of garden labor, corn dollies, baskets of bread, spear, cauldron, sickle, scythe, threshing tools, sacred loaf of bread, harvested herbs, bonfires, bilberries, God figures made of bread or cookie dough, phallic symbols

Goddesses: The Mother, Dana (Lugh&’s wife & queen ), Tailltiu (Welsh-Scottish), Demeter (Greek), Ceres (Roman grain goddess .. honored at Ceresalia), the Barley Mother, Seelu (Cherokee), Corn Mother, Isis (Her birthday is celebrated about this time), Luna (Roman Moon Goddess), other agricultural Goddesses, the waxing Goddess

Gods: Lugh (Celtic, one of the Tuatha De Danaan), John Barley Corn, Arianrhod’s golden haired son Lleu (Welsh God of the Sun & Corn where corn includes all grains, not just maize), Dagon (Phoenician Grain God), Tammuz/ Dummuzi (Sumerian), Dionysus, plus all sacrificial Gods who willingly shed
blood/give their life that their people/lands may prosper, all vegetation Gods & Tanus (Gaulish Thunder God), Taranis (Romano-Celtic Thunder God), Tina, (Etruscan-Thunder God), the waning God

Essence: fruitfulness, reaping, prosperity, reverence, purification, transformation, change, The Bread of Life, The Chalice of Plenty , The Ever-flowing Cup , the Groaning Board (Table of Plenty)

Meaning: Lugh’s wedding to Mother Earth, Birth of Lugh; Death of Lugh, Celtic Grain Festival

Purpose: Honoring the parent Deities, first harvest festival, first fruits grains & drink to the Goddess in appreciation of Her bounty, offering loaves of sacred bread in the form of the God (this is where the Gingerbread Man originated)

Rituals and Magicks: astrology, prosperity, generosity, continued success, good fortune, abundance, magickal picnic, meditate & visualize yourself completing a project you’ve started

Customs and Activities: games, the traditional riding of poles/staves, country fairs, breaking bread with friends, making corn dollys, harvesting herbs for charms/rituals, Lughnasadh fire with sacred wood & dried herbs, feasting, competitions, lammas towers (fire-building team competitions), spear tossing, gathering flowers for crowns, fencing/swordplay, games of skill, martial sports, chariot races, hand-fastings, trial marriages, dancing ’round a corn mother (doll)

Foods: loaves of homemade wheat, oat, & corn bread, barley cakes, corn, potatoes, summer squash, nuts, acorns, wild berries (any type), apples, rice, pears, berry pies, elderberry wine, crab apples, mead, crab, blackberries, meadowsweet tea, grapes, cider, beer

Herbs: grain, acacia, heather, ginseng, sloe, cornstalks, cyclamen, fenugreek, aloes, frankincense, sunflower, hollyhock, oak leaf, wheat, myrtle

Element: Fire

Gender: Female

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The Crowe’s Nest

July, 2011

Once, very long ago, a little girl walked into a room full of darkness. It was hard for her eyes to adjust, and even harder to have her mind to comprehend the sight before her. The woman on the bed lay there in silence. She didn’t take a breath; she didn’t reach out to the child before her. It was as if there was nothing but a shell of a woman where her mother had once lain.

The soul that had once inhabited the body that was our mother was gone. She had passed in the night, and only her earthly mold lay before us now. I remember walking into the viewing and thinking that this was just some crazy joke the universe was playing on me. My mother couldn’t have been dead. She was waiting for me to creep ever closer to the coffin and then she would jump up and shout “Boo!” It didn’t happen that way, though. She never jumped up. Her voice never shouted the words that I so wanted to hear at that time. Never in my life before that, nor since, have I wanted to hear someone frighten me as much as I did then.

It is funny how our minds toy with us when we are grieving. We only want to remember the good times as the hours and days pass along after someone we love passes. Yet, we go through all the stages of loss.

We start with denial. “This is not my mom. She’s not dead.” Then transfer to anger. “What is this joke? This isn’t funny. Who are to you to play this cruel joke on me?” From there comes the oh so sad, bargaining. “Ok, if you will make her come back to me, then I will be a good little girl. I will mind and I won’t leave again.” That doesn’t solve everything so we move on to the ever persistent depression. We feel completely sad for those that we have lost and come to terms with the knowledge that we won’t ever see them again.

Acceptance comes after that, and for many of us, it is a hard task to learn. We don’t want to think of it as an easy term to let go of those we want to stay with us. Our selfish desires come out when we lose someone so close to us. We bargain, begging to have them come back to us. Some, in our grief do harm to ourselves without even realizing it. We drink, we try to take away the pain in any manner possible and it still is only a temporary fix.

Why must we as humans do this? Is it hard to accept that the family we are so longing for will once more be alive and with us? Sure it won’t be in the same body. We won’t be in the same shell we have now. Many pagans know that we are all of the same. One day, we will pass and our souls will meet those that have gone before. I personally believe in the afterlife being one of a new beginning. I see that one day I will know the love that was shared by my mother and I in a completely different setting.

I wanted to share a tea that is calming and relaxing and will help you go through the process of grieving much easier. A great relaxation tea would be to make 2 parts chamomile, 1 part lemon balm, 1 part lemon peel, 1 part thyme. Place all herbs in a tea ball or bag, put in your nicest or most favorite cup or mug, and cover with boiling water. Let the mixture steep for ten minutes. While you are waiting on it to finish, remember the good times that you had with the person that has passed on. Remember that though they may not be here physically, their soul is waiting for you on the other side of life. Don’t dwell on the times that have passed, the could-haves, should-haves, didn’t dos. We are all human and will drive ourselves loony if we dwell too hard on the things we didn’t do.

Find yourself a great support group. When I was younger, I relied heavily on friends to help me find my solace. It seemed like every thought was on her and how I could have been better. Loss is loss no matter what, but if you have someone to help guide you through, it makes it better.

Meditation is a great way to let go of the loved one as well. Sit in your most comfortable meditation pose and begin breathing. During the course of the meditation, see your friend off. Give them the hugs that you wish to. Give them the kisses that will be missed. Tell them how you feel and what you want them to know. Then let them go as they may. This is really great for those that have feelings that weren’t conveyed before the passing. Some people don’t get a warning sign before someone they love passes and this is one way of saying goodbye.

I believe that the passing of a loved one is the beginning of a new life. Soon, I also know that I will be dealing with a passing of one of my most favorite people in my life now. When that day happens, I hope that I can keep my head that I feel I have now. I want to be able to stand proud that I had her in my life and that she was shared with me and so many that will love and miss her.

One thing before I go, to those of you that read this, please make sure that the ones you love know now. Don’t have that feeling of regret telling you that it is too late. That is something that no one wants to have, and it is better that you tell today what you might not have a chance tomorrow to say. Life has a way of changing everything at a blink of an eye and sometimes there are no second chances.

This article is written to those in my circle who have lost someone very recently and to those that will be losing someone in the future. Many blessings and much love to you all. May the tears you shed be ones of happiness and never pain.

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The Tarot

July, 2011

I was doing some shopping a few weeks ago and I came across a little deck of cards. Now these really aren’t tarot cards per say however I though that they merit mention and this will be my first deck review of the column.

The deck is called Goddess on the Go by Amy Sophia Marashinsky with art by Melissa Harris.  Each card is 3.5 x 2 and the art work is beautiful with muted colors and soothing images.  The cards are described as love letters to women and they also come with a handy dandy booklet which is chockfull of affirmations. Each card has it’s own affirmation written on it such as “I am filled with tranquility” or “I am a complete success”.  The cards are small enough to be tucked in your pocket or tossed in your purse.

What I love most about these cards beside the small size is that the affirmations are relatable.  How many times throughout the day to we not trust or inner guidance? How would that change for you if you grabbed the card with the affirmation “I am trusting my inner guidance”?  The cards hold positive clips of writing that remind us as women to trust or instinct or be grateful for everything we have. These cards not only benefit adult women but also teen girls who are going through their own life adjustments and insecurities reminding us that we are Goddess in our own right.

Now how do I use these cards?  I love to have small affirmation decks scattered throughout my house. Not only does this allow me to grab one read it and Meditate on it, it also allows guest and family members to do the same. Typically I set the cards out in bowls or small containers where they can be easily grabbed, read and returned.

This particular deck I keep near my bedroom door allowing me to grab one yup on the go and read it and then I spend the day trying to be mindful of the affirmation I read.

Now if you want to use cards as affirmations throughout your day and you don’t have an affirmation deck you can always use your tarot deck. Each card in the tarot deck holds a meaning for instance the ace of cups means contentment, nourishment, abundance etc when you pull that card from the deck you can spend the day meditating on or reminding yourself of the abundance and contentment you have in your life. Another idea is to create your own affirmation cards some retailers actually sell the blank tarot decks where you can create your own deck or you can also buy a small package of artist trading cards easily purchased at any craft or art store. And if you can’t find those use good old blank paper.

Using affirmation cards or the tarot deck as affirmation cards is a great way to keep us grounded and remind ourselves of issues within our lives that we need to be mindful of.  So grab your deck and have fun.

Till next time.

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Spellwork Through Poetry, Lesson 11

July, 2011


Our lessons have been geared toward putting our thoughts into a poetry form. Most of the writing has been straight forward about the topic. This month will be more of a challenge; I would like for us to explore metaphors.

Quick review:
~Similies are comparisons of unlike concepts using like/as.
I was as hungry as a lion.
~Metaphors are comparisons of unlike concepts without using like/as.
I was a lion ripping through the kitchen hunting for something to eat.

Similes are ultimately easier than metaphors because the comparison is more direct; you are able to clearly state the two things you are comparing, and why you are comparing them, in the sentence and you use like/as to connect the two ideas. (I was as hungry as a lion).

Metaphors are more difficult because the comparison is indirect. You briefly state the main item and elaborate on the compared item. Why you are comparing the items is also vaguely stated. In my experience, it is easier to write a simile and change it into a metaphor than it is to just write a metaphor cold. However, once you have the basic comparison, you can extend your metaphor for pages and pages.

The full moon is like a white frisbee

Mother Earth hurls the disc in the sky,
Canis Major chases it down through the dark
With Canis Minor on his heels.
It soars higher and higher all night,
Passing The Hunter poised to strike.
The pups are later joined by Sirius
In their quest to catch their toy.
Soon the disc begins to descend,
Caught again by Mother Earth.
The pups have had their fun,
They now wait for night fall again to play.
The three cuddle together and doze away
With the dawn.

I would like you to try to write a metaphor for a spellcast. This will be in the style of free writing, in poetic stanzas or not.

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Across the Great Divide

July, 2011

Environmental Factors of Ghost Hunting: The Moon

We left off last month discussing some of the mainstream scientific and environmental factors that contribute to paranormal research and ghost hunting. I touched on many of those topics as best I could and ended with a mention of how the Moon affects investigations. We’ve got a whole new month and column to stretch out our minds and comfortably talk about this important aspect of our otherworldly stroll.

The Moon has played an important role in spiritual and psychological matters for as long as there’s been recorded history; many modern terms, such as lunacy, derive from the effects that the Moon is claimed to have on our psyches.

As the lunar cycle waxes to full, incidents of psychotic behavior, violence, and crime seem to escalate; the phase of the New Moon also seems correlated to a rash of abnormal behavior. Current understanding of human psychology and physiology supports the observation that the Moon can exert significant influence on the human mind.

But is there really any scientific support for such claims?

Well, it so happens that this pattern has been proven in a variety of studies. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (1978); a 1987 survey; and at the University of New Orleans (1995) are a few examples.

Statistically, the studies found that psychiatric admissions actually drop at the New Moon, but that they increase during the first quarter; homicides, suicides, aggravated assaults, and fatal traffic accidents all increasing as the Full Moon arrives.

As a professional in the psychology field, I find this interesting. If the Full Moon exerts an influence on rising ocean tides and also an increase in erratic human behavior, and psychiatric admissions drop at New Moons, that supports a hypothesis that the gravitational pull of the Full Moon is counteracted by the equal but opposite effect of the New Moon having an adverse effect on the chemical imbalance in the brain, perhaps due to a reduction in the gravitational pressure exerted on the fluids within the body.

It is well established in science that the Moon’s gravity is the cause of the ocean tides and affects many different phenomena in weather and nature. The Earth is mostly water; but the human body is also made up of mostly water to the same percentages. So if the Moon affects the planet due to its abundance of water, why not the creatures on the planet made up of the same materials?

As long as we’re discussing the Moon’s effect on water, it may be interesting to note that sites with poltergeist activity report unexplained drops or small puddles of water in the room, and in general more poltergeist activity is reported near water; many poltergeist reports involve kitchens. Several of the best EVP recordings and other captured evidence for hauntings occur near streams or in close proximity to groundwater. Early studies suggested that running water may generate a frequency that renders some people more sensitive to psychic phenomena.

Some scientists argue that the lunar effect on gravitational forces doesn’t just affect the tides, but are linked to earthquakes as well. A study of 2000 earthquakes demonstrated that they occurred when tidal forces where over the epicenter of the earthquake. The study showed that there seems to be a lunar trigger. Another study in 1978 found that the Moon triggers particle flow, which disturbs the Earth’s magnetic field.
Eclipses are known to have an effect on the conductivity of the atmosphere, especially the E-region, which in turn affects the Earth’s geomagnetic field- the largest effects occurring in the morning around the time of equinoxes. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Japan occurred on the same day of the joint winter solstice/eclipse on December 21, 2010.

So if a major parapsychological theory contends that paranormal activity is tied to fluctuations in the geomagnetic field of the planet, then it stands to reason that investigations can benefit from close association with lunar events to produce effective results.

Activity often increases on the anniversary of death, especially if the Moon was full or new on the date that the person died. A possible cause of this is due to the gravitational forces being increased and therefore providing additional energy to bridge the gap between the different planes of existence. Whether or not the person’s death correlates to a Full or New Moon, it’s wise to check for increased activity on those nights each month, or on whichever moon phase was nearest the time of death.

Paranormal activity is often easily influenced by subtle factors so it’s possible that the Moon has a greater effect on them now that they exist in the non-physical realms.

Some researchers have noticed slightly better statistical results during investigations held during the New or Full Moon.

In addition to the effects of the Moon on spirits, researchers can have greater psychic sensitivity during the Full and/or New Moons. The Full Moon has been shown to affect the physical body, including menstrual cycles (which in turn affects the body mentally and physically); whereas the New Moon is related to increased influence on mental states.

There is definitely a lot of room for speculation about lunar cycles and increased paranormal activity, or perhaps more awareness of it.

So, have any of you noticed an increase or decrease in activity during certain Moon phases? Is there any credit to these theories, or is it all just lunacy? Let me know what you think. The floor is yours.

© 2011 R. Wolf Baldassarro/Deep Forest Productions

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Ask Your Mama

July, 2011

Are you cyclically confused? In a ceremonial quandary? Completely clueless? Wonder no more.

*Ask Your Mama

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Spirituality and Didn’t Know Who to Ask™


©Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

A Question of Being Ready

Dear Mama Donna,

Now this may get complicated! I have been wanting “a relationship” (no specific person in mind) for some time, and recently got to where (legally) it could happen — but now I’m terrified! Anytime someone (any male) starts to get even friendly I pull back. I get snappish and sarcastic. I RUN away (literally and figuratively and emotionally.) Can you tell whether it is that:

1) I’m scared and don’t trust my judgment anymore?

2) I’m not supposed to be in a love situation just now, give it time?

3) I’m just one of the natural solos and should stop worrying about it?

4) Other?

What spell/ritual might I use to help me figure out what I need to do? Any help on this would be SO much appreciated. Thanks very much.

Scared of love, Long Island

Dear Scared,

It seems to me that although you think you want a relationship, you clearly are not ready to get too close to anyone just now. Perhaps you feel that you should want one, and so feel exasperated by your own visceral rejections of such a possibility.

All of the potential reasons that you listed seem to be true. And you know what? They are all valid and perfectly OK. I think that it is not a matter of trusting your judgment about another person, but rather trusting your own gut feelings and emotions. If you truly wanted to get close to someone, you would. And when you are ready, you surely will. And if you never want to, that is fine, too.

When you mention that you are legally able to have a relationship now, I am supposing that you mean that you have recently been divorced. That would explain your hesitation to get involved again. Often when we are in a marriage or partnership that is not a good and fulfilling one, we lose ourselves somewhere along the way. I sense that the relationship that you truly need to cultivate is a one-to-one love affair with yourself.

It has become somewhat clichéd to say that only when we love ourselves completely, are we able to love another. But, like most truisms, it is quite true. Why not take this time of being alone to get to know yourself again? To learn who you are — separate from anyone else. What are your own likes and dislikes? What are your dreams and desires? What pleases you?

It is crucial to learn how to be alone without being lonely. If you can entertain and please yourself, you will not have to depend on someone else to make you happy. Knowing that you don’t need someone else to fulfill you, relieves a great deal of pressure and allows you to enter a relationship on more equal footing, with fewer unrealistic expectations.

Spend some quality time at home — just you, yourself, and you. Turn off the computer and TV. Put on your favorite music, or simply savor the silence. Work at creating a warm, rich atmosphere for your own comfort and aesthetic enjoyment. Indulge in sensory delights. Light candles and incense. Take long, lovely baths. Cook beautifully prepared and presented meals just for you.

Court yourself. Get all dressed up purely for the fun of it. Take yourself on a dream date. Go somewhere you have been meaning to go. Do things that you love. Buy yourself flowers, perfume, and special treats. Pull down the shades, turn off the lights, and dance till you drop. Massage your body with sweet oils. Kiss yourself. Masturbate.

Engage in projects of self-discovery in order to reconnect with your higher nature and your inner best self. Do an exercise tape. Go for a run, walk, or bike ride. Read your Tarot cards. Consult the I Ching. Do yoga. Meditate, drum, chant. Write in your journal. Paint a picture or your walls. Sing silly songs. Have a good cry. Laugh out loud.

Once you have spent some goodly amount of time involved wholeheartedly in these lovely endeavors, you might consider planning a ritual such as the one that I have done many times with others in similar circumstances. I call it “A Woman Who Marries Herself.” It is wedding for one.

Some women do it alone, some in front of witnesses with or without someone to officiate. You can design it any way you like in order for it to be personally relevant. As in any ritual, you should choose a special time and place, meaningful symbols, resonant words to read to recite.

The idea is to commit yourself to yourself. To have and to hold, for better and for worse, till death do you part. A pledge to love and honor and cherish yourself always. To hold true to yourself — your wants, your needs, your ideals, your values. This ceremony seals your self-devotion, thus making you whole unto yourself. Like a Virgin.

This is not meant to seal yourself off from others or to replace any future relationships, but to make sure that you do not get involved for the wrong reasons — out of fear or desperation. You will emerge from these exercises with the secure knowledge that you are your own best lover. And when you are ready, you will be able to share that love with someone special who will appreciate and return it in kind.

With blessings that love, honor and cherish,

xxMama Donna

*Are you cyclically confused? In a ceremonial quandary? Completely clueless? Wonder no more. *Send your questions about seasons, cycles, celebrations, ceremonies and spirit to Mama Donna at: [email protected]



Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, ritual expert, award-winning author, popular speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100 cities since 1972. She has published four books, a CD, an acclaimed Ezine and writes for The Huffington Post and UPI Religion and Spirituality Forum. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in Exotic Brooklyn, NY where she works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion.





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Wiccan Basics

July, 2011

Basic Facts

A Year and a Day

It’s an expression heard frequently among Pagans.

A year and a day is a period of time often seen in many Pagan Religions. The most common usage is in reference to Handfasting.  Pagan Handfasting’s are not necessarily for life, as are Christian marriages.  It’s acceptable for a man and woman to ‘marry’ for a year and a day, before making a lifelong commitment. After the time has passed, they are free to go their separate ways should the relationship not work out. In the past it was used as a time to see if the coupe was fertile together… No so much of a concern in modern times.

Another area where a year and a day is a popular time frame is for training or initiation into a coven. Of course, different covens will have different initiation requirements, but a year and a day of study or apprenticeship is a common one. There is often another year and a day between degrees or levels within a coven. It’s usually considered a minimum period of time, rather than a definite length, as you cannot make life altering changes and decisions in less time than that.

A year and a day time period is still seen in modern times, in non-Pagan contexts: In the financial world, assets must be held for a minimum of a year and a day in order for them to be considered ‘long term.’ Light prison sentences in the US are sometimes for a year and a day. There are also a multitude of customs from times past, involving land holdings, legal status and more. If you’re thinking of committing yourself to a project of study, a year and a day would be a traditional choice.

Blessing until next Month


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