Gems of the Goddess

Ran, The Oceanic Queen

A force to be reckoned with, Norse Goddess Ran is the ruler of storms and the sea itself.  Living up to her name, which means “robbery”, people saw her as dangerous, due to the fact that she would lure shipmen into her fishing net, and take them down into the very depths of her hall.  Ran’s hall is known as “the hall of gold” and is also the underworld of the sea.   Her affection for gold caused sailors to carry gold out on their ventures at all times, so they would stay in her good graces.

Being beautiful and also a bit destructive, Ran attracted the attention of Aegir, God of the sea.  The two had nine daughters, who are known as the waves themselves.

Ran doesn’t have an elaborate story associated with her, but her presence in the oceans is enough for us to know, that she doesn’t need one to tell of her greatness.  She is protector of sea creatures, and the well being of the sea.  There is no need for a grand story to tell of the things she has accomplished.


If you are heading to a beach this summer this is perfect.  Go out in the ocean and find a seashell big enough to write a short message on.  Next think of something you would like to accomplish within the year and write it on the shell.  Toss the shell in the ocean as far as you can throw, and have full faith that Ran will be there to help.  Remember to listen to any inner nudging’s afterword, and trust your intuition.

If you are not going to a lovely beach this summer or any other time soon, collect rainwater next time it rains, and work Ran into a wishing spell.  Bless the water by saying:

“Ran of the sea

Ran of the storms

Please allow this wish to be born”

Write a wish or something you want to accomplish on a small piece of paper, then toss it into your collected rainwater.  Let it sit on your alter until paper is disintegrated, toss whatever remains back into the earth.

An easy way to connect with Ran, would be to simply have fun in the rain, or enjoy her vast seas.


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