With Litha (mid-Summer/Summer Solstice) just passing us, I thought it apropos to do a spell this month focusing on ‘balance.’  Please take this spell and do it as you see fit.  It can be done indoors, outdoors, wherever you feel most comfortable.  May I suggest that you have something representing the four elements with you (earth, air, fire and water) and remember to protect your ‘circle’ or environment from outside energies.  Focus on balance in your life…what that means to you and the ripple effect it will have (in a good way) for others around you!  May your month balance out just perfectly!  ‘Till next month, Blessed Be.  ~~Morika


– a Prayer/Spell

“Balance is a must-have friend

To know it not, is to know an end

To go to one extreme

Then another

Is tantamount

To stress and bother

Therefore I plea

To set ‘Extreme’ free

And ‘Balance’ I pray

To come and stay.”