The Tarot

I was doing some shopping a few weeks ago and I came across a little deck of cards. Now these really aren’t tarot cards per say however I though that they merit mention and this will be my first deck review of the column.

The deck is called Goddess on the Go by Amy Sophia Marashinsky with art by Melissa Harris.  Each card is 3.5 x 2 and the art work is beautiful with muted colors and soothing images.  The cards are described as love letters to women and they also come with a handy dandy booklet which is chockfull of affirmations. Each card has it’s own affirmation written on it such as “I am filled with tranquility” or “I am a complete success”.  The cards are small enough to be tucked in your pocket or tossed in your purse.

What I love most about these cards beside the small size is that the affirmations are relatable.  How many times throughout the day to we not trust or inner guidance? How would that change for you if you grabbed the card with the affirmation “I am trusting my inner guidance”?  The cards hold positive clips of writing that remind us as women to trust or instinct or be grateful for everything we have. These cards not only benefit adult women but also teen girls who are going through their own life adjustments and insecurities reminding us that we are Goddess in our own right.

Now how do I use these cards?  I love to have small affirmation decks scattered throughout my house. Not only does this allow me to grab one read it and Meditate on it, it also allows guest and family members to do the same. Typically I set the cards out in bowls or small containers where they can be easily grabbed, read and returned.

This particular deck I keep near my bedroom door allowing me to grab one yup on the go and read it and then I spend the day trying to be mindful of the affirmation I read.

Now if you want to use cards as affirmations throughout your day and you don’t have an affirmation deck you can always use your tarot deck. Each card in the tarot deck holds a meaning for instance the ace of cups means contentment, nourishment, abundance etc when you pull that card from the deck you can spend the day meditating on or reminding yourself of the abundance and contentment you have in your life. Another idea is to create your own affirmation cards some retailers actually sell the blank tarot decks where you can create your own deck or you can also buy a small package of artist trading cards easily purchased at any craft or art store. And if you can’t find those use good old blank paper.

Using affirmation cards or the tarot deck as affirmation cards is a great way to keep us grounded and remind ourselves of issues within our lives that we need to be mindful of.  So grab your deck and have fun.

Till next time.