Me,Myself and I, Notes from a Solitary Practitioner

While going through my teenage years

I found myself in spiritual strife

Which religion should I join and dedicate my life?

First came the Baptist preacher who promised soulful rest

Then shortly after stating this his hand was on my breast

Then I went to a revival that promised “Welcome one and all”

Then the threats began to change our ways or into the pit of hell we’d fall

I wondered if I was Baptised would I find that divine peace

But every church I asked for this needed what was damn near a lease

Then one day through happenstance I read the Wiccan Rede

Do what you will and it harm none was the only required deed

I learned from every source I could and grew closer to the Divine

And since I am a solitaire my practice is uniquely mine

So here I am 30 years later and sometimes I have to laugh

Because every so often a confused youngster will cross my path

I answer all their questions to my best ability, and then I thank the wise ones

Because they showed this path to me!