Temporal Travel Exercise

Properly speaking this is not a spell but it fits into the same general category. It is effective and does work. It requires practice the same as any other incantation or procedure. The procedure is not dangerous if the instructions are followed exactly. Ur does require practice and patience and will likely not produce noticeable results on the first few attempts.

This is an exercise that will give you a sample of Temporal Displacement and Travel. It is fairly easy to do, but takes a lot of practice. It is perfectly safe, if you follow the directions exactly. You can use it to travel both time and in space, to other physical locations, and in time, both forward and back.

First of all, if you already practice dream recall, I won’t go into it, but you will need to use the same procedures to remember what you are seeing in these exercises. If you do not practice dream recall, or do not normally remember dreams, you will need to learn to make mental notes so that you will remember what you see.

Second, It is necessary to either use a form of meditation to induce a wakeful trance state, or to do this in the time just before falling to sleep, when your mind and body are completely relaxed. This requires complete concentration, and you must not think of anything except this experiment and carrying it out. Otherwise, it will simply not work.

Once you have attained a relaxed state, concentrate on being in a long corridor or hallway. It looks like a hotel hallway, with doors on either side. It extends infinitely in front of you and infinitely behind you. The place where you begin is your “now” or “here”. It is the place to which you return. Imagine the door immediately to your left or right having the number “O” on the door. That is where you will come back to at the end of the exercise to simply drift off to sleep in the here and now.

Start walking down the hallway, in either direction, as far as you like. The farther you go, the farther away from “here” or “now” you will get. You can stop at any time and open a door. Look inside and use your dream recall techniques to remember what you have seen. Then, close the door and go on to another place, or return “home”.

DO NOT go inside any of the rooms. Only open the door and look inside. As you practice, you will be able to go inside, but don’t attempt it at first. No one in the “room” will be able to see you, whether it is a temporal or spatial trip, unless you DO go inside. Then, you will be noticed.

You will have no control over intervals of space and time in the beginning. As you practice you will be able to judge how much time you are passing in either direction, or where you want to go in real time and space. To do this, you simply assign numbers or names to the rooms corresponding to where you want to go. This focuses your energy on locating that particular time or place.

It is easier to find a particular place, either in time or space, if it is one that you are familiar with. It is also easy to find a particular person if you know, or knew that person.

Within the span of your own lifetime, it is easier to go backward than forward, since you have an existing  frame of reference. In practice, it’s sort of like “Quantum Leap” but instead of being limited to your own lifetime, it’s just easier.

What you will see will vary. It will be like looking into a room and seeing what is going on in that room, except it will not always be a room that you see. Some of the time, you will see something outside, sometimes in a building, sometimes it will be like watching a panorama or a movie.

Remember that as long as you go inside, no one will see you  or be aware that you are there. If you go inside, you become part of that reality and they will see you and be aware of you. This can cause problems if you are so far ahead or behind your own time and place that you would stand out.

If you want to visit a particular place, you should mark it, then go back, once you have formed a solid mental image of yourself that would fit into that particular setting. Remember that it is reality to those you will be visiting. It is their “here” and “now”. If you are going into the past, people will remember your presence and it will be noted. If you are not going very far in the past, and people that you see and interact with are still alive, they will remember seeing you, and realize that it was you once your appearance matches the one that they remember.

An example of that is this. If you go back in time to visit yourself in the hospital when you were born, people will remember seeing someone who resembles the adult you. At the time, they will not know who you are. You will be able to use a cover story to explain it, and should have one ready. Eventually, someone will notice how much you resemble that stranger that they met in the hospital. You should always know enough about the period that you visit, or the place you visit, if you plan to actually interact (go inside the room) to “fit in”. For example, if you’re in 1949, then you need to know enough about that time that you won’t stand out as “odd” or “strange”. You will be dressed as you dress yourself in your mind. It must match the period that you are visiting. Street clothes that we wear today would stand out like a sore thumb in 1949. It gets worse the farther back you go. Going into the future has the same problem. You must always view the place and mark if first, note the way people dress and learn the period before trying to visit. Otherwise, you will stand out. There will be places that you simply cannot visit, only observe, simply because you will not be able to blend in, no matter how hard you try, because it is just too different.

There is no such thing as a paradox. You can go to places where “you” will meet “yourself”. The child “you” would not recognize the adult you, nor would anyone who knows the child “you”. Likewise, maybe an older “you” would recognize a younger “you” but it’s not likely that it would register. Since the recognition would not be mutual there would be no paradox. The same would apply to anyone from the earlier time that knew the child ‘you’. They might think that you look somehow familiar but there would be no mutual recognition, therefore no paradox.

Once you have seen all you want to see, just leave the room, or close the door if you’re just looking in, and return to your “O” point. At that point, you’ll just drift off to sleep and when you wake up, you will remember your experiences like a very vivid dream.

© 2001.2011 by Dr. J. Lee Choron; all rights reserved unless granted by the author in writing.