Rebel Rede

Remembering to Honor the Moon

As a witch I try to be faithful about honoring the wheel of the year. Every sabbat I do my best to at least have a  solitary ritual if I am unable to attend a group ritual. I used to to have a full moon ritual every esbat too. My full moon rituals are my favorite. They are such a magickal and intimate time between me and my deities. Unfortunately I have gotten so busy lately that I have been forgetting to celebrate the esbats. I get bummed out every month when I realize another full moon has passed me by. Sometimes we are so busy in our mundane lives we neglect our magikal lives. It is important to honor the moon and to celebrate her phases. The moon phases are not just important to witches because of the different energy aspects for spell work, but the moon phases also represent the life stages of the Goddess and all women. An esbat ritual is a chance to honor and worship the Goddess and to honor our own womanhood. It is important as a witch to take the time to honor the moon and to honor our own feminine energy. Esbat rituals are a great way to do this. Even when we are busy we need to remember to take the time to have an esbat ritual. An esbat ritual doesn’t always have to be long and complex. Sometimes a simple ritual of lighting a candle and taking time to meditate on the moon is enough. The important thing is to take time, even a small amount of it to honor the moon every month. The moon is an integral part of our craft as witches. I am personally taking a pledge to make an effort to honor the moon every month and to take the time to celebrate the Goddess with esbat rituals! I hope you will join me in this pledge! Blessed Be!