Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Ascension and Expectations

Humanity is going through a spiritual evolution. An ascension. And now is the time that we should be releasing negativity, forgiving others as well as ourselves and healing from hurts from our past. It is a time to contemplate where we are and where we are headed individually and as humankind or kind humans (as a friend of mine often says). It is a time for all of us to “walk the talk” but lately I find myself disappointed by those whom I am surrounded by. It appears that they are more hypocritical than I once believed. This disappointments me and forces me to take a closer look at my own actions, words and behaviors.

What is my personal spiritual goal? Is the behavior that I detest in those surrounding me mirrored in myself? If this is so, am I truly “walking the talk”? Could it be that I am being overly sensitive? Or are they not as accepting as they believe they are? How much hypocrisy is too much for me to bear? Am I being egotistical to think that I have some how become elevated spiritually while they’ve remained stagnant? And in the end does all this even matter?

My spiritual goal is to spread love and understanding. I am here to aid in the enlightenment of humanity and guide others to higher vibrations. I am expanding myself and while doing so I am expanding The Universe. This is my purpose. My spiritual growth is an ongoing process and is truly never to be completed.

People that I surround myself with; people I call into my life experience are aligned with the same vibration that I am focused on at that time. If I see that there are characteristics in someone that I am not pleased with then I most definitely should look within. Through contemplation and meditation I will find that these characteristics are somewhere within me and while I cannot force someone else to change their attitude or behavior I most certainly can change myself. If their words or actions bother me then I can chose to not listen nor am I required to be a witness to their actions. I have many choices and not choosing is a choice within itself. I have the ability to focus on that which allows me to be on a different vibrational frequency than those who surround me.

It was suggested that I might just be setting expectations of others that they can’t possibly attain. Perhaps I am expecting everyone I associate with to think and behave as I do. Well, if that is the case then where should I draw the line? What should I expect from others? Should I have a different set of expectations of strangers than I would a friend? What about my husband? Or family members? When someone in my life carries the label of friend, parent, sibling or husband; what are the expectations that are tied to it? What expectations are fair and just and what expectations are ‘too high’? How much is too much to ask of someone? And how do I know when I have crossed the line of ‘just enough’ to ‘too high’?

When I worked at Sovereign Bank there were clear expectations that I was required to meet. I was expected to be; prompt, professional, courteous, honest, friendly and to perform the duties included in my job description. If I did not meet those expectations on a regular basis my job security would be threatened and rightly so. If places of business do not set out expectations for employees and customers then what sort of commerce would our society have? Not expecting anything from anyone just doesn’t work. Think about it. If I never expected anything from anyone nothing would happen. Relationships wouldn’t be created let alone nurtured and personal integrity just wouldn’t be because there wouldn’t be anything to measure it against.

So what if my friend, my parent, my sibling or husband just can’t or don’t reach the expectations I put forth for them; am I justified in being disappointed? And what do I do with this frustration, disappointment and anger? Where do we go from here? It seems that I’m standing somewhere out in the middle of undiscovered country without a map or clear direction of where I’m expected to go. It’s not a pleasant feeling and I just don’t want to be here any longer.

In my heart I know what I expect from everyone and honestly I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I expect others to treat me as I treat them. Yes, it’s that simple yet in its simplicity it can be quiet complex. If you are one of those people who just drift along with your own whims and desires and focus on you and only you without the slightest consideration of others then you will indeed fail to meet the expectations I put forth. Because I listen to you. And not only that but I hear you when you speak. With me there is a give and take. So if I treat you with respect and honesty I expect the same from you. If I challenge you to look at yourself and the decisions you make, the words you speak, the actions you take then in turn, I expect you to do the same for me. If I honor you as the sacred being you are then I expect the same. And if I respect your spirituality and religion then I expect nothing less of you. I don’t expect you to mock my beliefs nor do I expect you to make jokes about my spiritual journey.

I was always taught that people would rise to the expectations we put forth for them. But frankly I’m beginning to question – is that a truth or just an ideal?