August 1st, 2011

Harvest – Abundance – Aprons!

This is the month of Lammas or Lughnasadh. In the deep south of the U.S. the most abundant thing surrounding us is heat! Not my favorite kind of abundance. I prefer the cold. But with the searing heat comes the realization that the wheel of the year is indeed moving and the hours of daylight are shortening. The farms and fields are busting with the ripe fullness of harvest. Wheat and corn are in their glory and it is this that we focus on in August.

Abundance is found in the farmer’s market and the side of the road stands. The act of preserving and canning is an affirmation to all the good surrounding us. A gift for the spirit in winter’s dark time. Our foremothers knew this and acted accordingly. And as they surveyed the task at hand they donned their aprons.

Aprons are a magical tool. In Waldorf education the wearing of aprons by the kindergarten teacher is a well researched and discussed topic. The apron creates a buffer between the great physical needs of the children and the teacher’s own etheric/physical body. A soft shield. A tool to transport the adult into the “now” of teacher. I wore one as well during my days with small children at home.  It signaled a beginning to my day and the removing of it at the kid’s bedtime was the signal that my work was done for the day.

An apron protects, holds, wipes, hides.  Aprons can transport us into  a kinder, gentler time. Memories of our ancestors tending the home fires nourishing mind, body and soul. Aprons are the hooded cloaks of the everyday cauldron.  Being wrapped within an apron allows for the focused attention on the work at hand.

And so, in our modern world of microwaves and fast food, let us remember the amazing blessings of nature and Goddess even as we zap a meal. Don an apron, that mantle of protection and abundance, and bless yourself and those you care for with the ripeness of the season.

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