The Tarot

So this month I wanted to share with you some important tips when reading card for a client.  Well, at least these are things that I do when I am reading for a person.  So I’m just going to go right into it.

When I am reading for a person for the first time I remind myself that they might be just a tad anxious and frankly scared about the reading.  Some people show up thinking that you’re going to tell them the exact date and time of death or that you’re going to give them horrible news.  Now although it’s important not to sugar coat your reading and hide facts that appear in the reading it is important to put your client at ease this should be your first priority. One of the first things I do is that I explain to the client exactly what to expect from me and from the reading.  I allow them a few moments to ask any questions and to tell me of any concern.  I typically open the dialog with “have you ever had a reading?” and then you take it from there. ‘

Once your client is at ease and ready I find that I get a better reading if I ask the client not to cross their arms or legs while the reading is taking place especially while shuffling.  I believe that crossing arms and legs block energies that I need to receive in order to give an effective reading. Now let me stress that it is important that you clear the cards between reading, either by using sage or simply by shuffling them with your own energy.  The last thing you want is to have someone else energy mixed in with your client this will mess up your reading and it won’t be accurate.

Once I’ve laid out the cards I begin the reading now this is where it gets dicey some clients won’t utter a word during the reading and often won’t even make eye contact. Then you have the other side of the coin when the clients spills their guts before you’ve even gotten through the first card.  Now as a reader you in essence become a guide to help your client travel and navigate important areas of their life.  When the client is non responsive I ask questions mainly “does this make sense” just to make sure they are on the same page and understanding typically if something doesn’t make sense they will tell you and then you can try to work it out in a discussion.  When the client rambles on you have to wrangle them in and re-direct the conversation being patient listening and trying to clarify any issues that arise.  The truth is the readings are almost like a therapy session they are going to open up issues and thoughts that clients might not have notice it really makes their lives and open book.  This being said as a reader your job is to help out the client.

My last tip for this month is to remember that sometimes we as readers have off days and you find yourself sitting with someone and the reading is just not making sense. At times this might be a result of your own energies being off, maybe you’re not feeling well, or if it’s a late appointment your tired, hungry, etc or the client is closed off to the readings, scared, blocking their energy either way your reading isn’t going to be accurate and this can leave the client feeling frustrated and upset it can also cause them to leave without wanting to return.  The way I handle this is to first and foremost not schedule or re-schedule appointments if I am not well, upset, tired, etc.  And if I’m at peak and the reading is still not working out I am honest with the client I ask them if they really want the reading, I try to figure out with the client why they might be closed off to the reading and if we can’t come to a conclusion I reschedule the reading for another day.

The most important thing to remember is give your client an experience that will not only be helpful to them but will also leave you feeling as if you where able to help this way everyone leaves feeing a sense of peace and satisfaction.

Until Next Time.