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A Little Bag of Happy

No matter how positive we try to be, it’s only human to have “off” days where we are lethargic, depressed or angry.  Contrarily we all have times where we feel so good, we wish we could hang on to that uncomplicated happiness forever.    On those nasty dark days, wouldn’t it be convenient if we could have saved a little piece of this brightness – peace, joy, relaxation, humour, and love – to draw on later on when we really needed it?  I believe we can, by making a crafty, simple charm that I like to call “A Little Bag of Happy”.  It’s sort of like keeping some sunshine in a jar in case of a thunder storm, only it’s your own positive energy you are conserving in case you get hit by a cloud of the doldrums.

This charm is a version of what is most commonly called a Mojo Bag, only with a bit of a twist.  A Mojo Bag is a charm or focusing tool frequently used by practitioners of voodoo.  It is a bag of roots, herbs, oils and other objects which are blessed and carried close to one’s body to attract luck, money, love and health.  The Little Bag of Happy is based on this concept with your own personal witchy touch.  This personal touch of yours is the most important ingredient of all, because this amulet is just for you, yourself.  No one can tell you what objects to put into your charm bag, just as no one can dictate what makes you feel peaceful and content.  You do not need to purchase any rare herbs, gems or items unless you want to.  You can make this with no money out of materials you have on hand and things you will find along the way.    This charm can take one day to make, or you can spread it out over as many days, weeks or months as you wish to gather the special ingredients to put into it.  Remember you are powerful, your energy is strong and focused, and the most important ingredient in all your magickal endeavours is you.

First, consider what material you’d like the bag itself to be made from.  There are endless choices other than it being visually pleasing, although that’s just as good of a reason as any.  You could use a piece of an outgrown garment you just can’t let go of … you know, those old retro clothes from your good ol’ days that you can’t squeeze into anymore, that are hilariously out of style, but you still can’t part with them?  (We all have at least some, admit it!)  Well, think about it: these old jeans, band T-shirts or what-have-you are so hard to get rid of because they have good memories attached to them… which makes them perfect for this project!  Another example is you could use a cloth napkin from a meal you served where everyone was content and satisfied.  I used a piece of cloth cut from a onesie that my daughter had outgrown, feeling that it had absorbed much love and care along with her.  No one will see your charm unless you show them, so don’t worry if you’re not much good with a sewing needle.  You can just cut a circle out of the cloth, place your collected items in the center, gather up the edges and tie it securely with ribbon, string or thread.  Usually a smaller bag is easiest because you can carry it with you.

Now comes the fun part: choosing what to put inside.

In all you do for the next little while, pay attention to how you feel.  Say you go for a walk with a friend and you have a really good laugh over something.  Pick up a stone from the ground during that walk and add it to your bag.  It will have the laughter in it.  Perhaps you are crossing a parking lot and notice a clean white feather lying on the pavement.  This is a gift, surprising you with its misplaced beauty.  Add it to the mix; noticing a small common pleasure is an uplifting energy.  You see kids playing in a pile of leaves, all laughter, abandonment and innocence; pick up a fallen leaf to add some vitality.  Get creative.  A piece of your favourite candy, the ticket stub from a show that absolutely blew your mind, a pretty button from your grandmother’s button box, even a shed whisker from your pet or familiar who you love so much.  Anything that is associated with good feelings is appropriate.  Anything that makes you feel positive is perfect.  Little random things can trigger rosy feelings, like seeing dandelion fluff and being reminded of how you used to blow on it and make wishes as a kid.  Add some in.

Proud, peaceful, pleased, amazed, loved, loving, creative, beautiful…  all of these are options for the charm.  Pick an object associated with that feeling – doesn’t matter what it is — and add it in to create one big energy-stew of positivity.

What shouldn’t you add to your Little Bag of Happy?  Anything with negativity attached to it.  If you have to hmm and haw over whether or not it is appropriate, don’t add it.  For example, say you have a gorgeous gold earring without a mate that you want to put in because it represents beauty to you, but every time you look at it you are also reminded of the person who gave it to you, who treated you poorly in a relationship.  This earring ultimately makes you think of the bad relationship, so don’t put it in.  Stick to pure, spontaneous simple thoughts without a lot of back up story, especially the kind with a bad ending.

So now that you have collected all your trinkets and treasures and tied them securely into a bag, here’s what to do with it.

Any time you’re having a bad day, feeling low on energy, having self-defeating thoughts or are emotionally drained you can use The Little Bag of Happy to help you recharge.  Light a yellow candle and sit or lie quietly, holding the bad in your hands.  I find that holding it over the solar plexus is helpful, as this is an emotional energy center of the body.  Take some deep cleansing breaths, and let the contents of the bag speak to you.  Feel the energies that you yourself experienced and kept: the joy, the peaceful feeling you got on holiday, the hope behind the dandelion fluff wishes, the laughter, and the softness of happy moments.  Let the energy spread throughout your body by visualizing yellow or pinkish light growing and expanding into your limbs, fingertips and toes.  Pay special attention to the head.  Let the good vibes in.  This should be effortless.  Don’t try to hang on to the anger and resentment that wants to linger, let it go and just feel the simple, content, calm pure feelings that your chosen objects have absorbed.  Do it for as long as you wish, or have the time for, and then put the bag away for next time.

If you are carrying your bag with you and are using it in a situation where you can’t light a candle, such as on a bus, in public or at work or school, that’s fine too.  Just hold the charm and absorb its power.  Likewise, you can add more ritual if you prefer, such as casting a circle or invoking the aid of your chosen deities.

Enjoy your treasure hunting, and may you find happiness in every little nook and cranny!