It eludes

A most complex unit for any mind to comprehend,
It travels strait or can even bend.
Defining it eludes the greatest mind,
It keeps moving forward its so unkind.
It measures speed, a life, or infinity,
It is the future, the present and loves history.
By its self it cant be measured or even traveled,
Nor straddled, or smuggled or even canceled.
Its not an event… nor a thing,
But age is something that it can bring.
It can be read by by a grain of sand,
It’s Dimensions can consume the land.
It can be measured by a single candle,
It has no form that you can handle.
It knows when a star will be overhead,
Its in our dreams when we go to bed.
It gives birth, and knows when to die,
Its heard us laugh and heard us cry.
It makes us old when we feel young,
It can speak but it has no tongue.
It makes the past live in the present,
And the future  become the ancient.
I’ve realized from youth to prime…
“we are time.”