Rebel Rede

Deity Diversity

I have noticed that a recent hot topic in the Pagan community is Pagan minorities. This is an important topic and I am so glad to see it finally being discussed. Along the same lines of diversity of people within Paganism, I have also been reflecting on diversity of deities within Paganism. The other day I was writing up a yoga sequence for a Goddess Yoga class I was going to be teaching and I started thinking about this topic of diversity of deities. I was researching different Goddesses trying to come up with Goddesses from multiple cultures to match specific yoga poses.  While researching I was excited to find so many new Goddesses I had never heard of before. I discovered Goddesses like: Serket- Egyptian scorpion Goddess of magic, Al Uzza-Arabian war goddess who rides a camel, Ix Chel- Mayan moon Goddess also known as Lady Rainbow, Kapoteshi-Hindu pigeon Goddess, and Bau-Sumerian dog goddess of healing and life. It was so exciting to find so many new Goddesses to work with!

It got me thinking about mainstream Paganism and how un-diverse it can be at times. I am not saying there is anything wrong with practicing one tradition of Paganism or working with only one pantheon of deities. What I am saying is there is a whole world of different cultures and religions out there for us to work with, our options are many. As Pagans we like to honor the ancient Gods and Goddesses of past cultures, but sometimes we only focus on one or two cultures. Yes the Greek pantheon is amazing, and yes many of us Pagans (especially those of us who are of European decent) can easily relate to the Celtic, Germanic, and Druid deities, but those are not the only pantheons to choose from. There is an exciting world out there of African, Asian, Mayan, Native American, and Hindu deities to work with, just to name a few.

I personally am challenging myself to expand my Pagan practice to include more diverse deities and I want to challenge the Pagan community to do the same. Choose a pantheon you have never worked with before and get to know some of their deities and lore. You never know what you’ll discover when you open a new door! When it comes to magick and deities the possibilities are endless! Open yourself to a new experience!