Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

The Business of Tarot

Last year I had an experience with an individual who was highly upset with the fact that I read Tarot for profit and “personal gain”. This woman accused me of “commercializing what she held as sacred and that I was selling the religion of Wicca and spiritual practices as a business.” After recovering from the hurt and shock I experienced at the allegation, I contemplated what my own views were in regards to my business. This is what I discovered:

I view Tarot as a sacred tool for divination. I use the cards to tap into Divine Source in order to attain knowledge and retrieve messages meant for others. I relay these messages to my clients. Are those whom I read for able to receive their own messages without my help? Yes, indeed they are. It is my belief that everyone has the ability to connect and communicate with the Spirit Realm. But just because they have the ability does not mean that they use it. At the moment when they are sitting across from me at the table they chose not to utilize their ability. Why is that? Well, the reasons are as numerous as the individuals. Sometimes their connection may be weak. Perhaps their connection is clouded. It is possible that the individual doesn’t believe that they possess the ability to connect. Regardless of the reason – at that point in time they sought out my guidance. Should this mean that the time they sit with me should be free? Am I not “allowed” to charge?

I know there are those who believe that any ability born of spirituality should be free. They believe that if it originates from God/Creator/Divine Source/Spirit – it shouldn’t cost anyone anything and while I can understand their point of view – I don’t subscribe to it. I believe that because I am doing a service clients pay me for my time – the time I spend with them – not my actual ability. Just for a moment, think back to the days when there was no concept of currency and people bartered for what they required. I’m sure we can all recall the village mid-wife or medicine woman. These women would make “house calls”. When needed she would go to a dwelling and deliver the baby or cure the illness and in return the family would give her a meal, a loaf of bread, a blanket, or some wool. She was compensated for the service she provided. True, it wasn’t cash but in 2011, not many individuals trade or barter like they did back then and believe me, neither the utility company nor cell phone company would take a loaf of bread as payment for my monthly bill. So most of my clients pay me with money. This is not to say that if I were offered a service or item for a Tarot Reading, I’d turn it down, on the contrary – I would welcome it. And in fact I have a regular client who is a hairdresser and we trade. She receives a Reading and in return my daughter or I receive a haircut.

A few months ago, my husband shared with me an idea he read about on the internet which stated that healing or spiritual services are in fact priceless. You cannot put a set price on either. They could cost millions or next to nothing. The decision of price is between the one giving and the one receiving. Both parities have the privilege to accept or reject it. I tend to agree with this point of view and can easily say the same about my Tarot Readings.

I also came to the realization that there is more than money that I gain from reading the cards for others. I find enlightenment in the service that I provide. I find understanding in the connections that I make. This ability isn’t just a technique that I was taught or something that I learned from a book. It is intuitive. It is a relationship that I took the time to nurture. It is a relationship between me and my cards, between me and Divine Source, between me and the Spirit Realm. divination is an understanding. It is an attachment. These people aren’t just “problems” or clients. Each of them is a sacred being. Each of them is joined to Spirit just as much as I am and it is through this connection that I unite with All. With everything. In those precious moments, through those intimate connections,  I receive enlightenment and understanding. And that means more to me than a profit ever could.