HearthBeats: Ritual Writing Recipes from a Kitchen Witch

Merry Meet and welcome to my Hearth. This month I am going a little different and it may seem more like a notes than a recipes. But it is Titled “ Recipe for a good Ritual”

The reason for this is that I have done food recipes, I have done flower recipes, I think I have even done a recipe for Happiness. But often when you are writing a spell or a ritual you find that you are stumped. So I am going to give you the “recipe” that I follow and you can use it, modify it, or throw it out. Just like any other recipe.. Being a Pagan, Wiccan or Kitchen witch, well sometimes you need a little boost or formula. This works for me.

Most of you know by now how to Google ” correspondences”  on the web. There you can find all the moon, season, color, astral etc..etc.. that you may need for a ritual. Here is a form, a recording sheet to keep in your BOS. I do not remember where it came from or who gave it to me, but I share it with you now..


* Type of Ritual:

* Date & Time made:

* Moon Phase & Astrological Correspondences:

* Weather:

* Purpose of Ritual:

* Tools & Other Items Required:

* Deities Invoked:

* Approximate Length of Ritual:

* Results of Ritual:

* Ritual Composition:

* Additional Notes:

I often use this as an outline for my rituals. I have in the past copied it and kept hard copies for when I ritual outside or in another venue.

I think I have one of these for spells and I  will include it at the end of the article.


  1. Gather ALL of the tools you will need.
  2. Gather all of the folks that will participate in the ritual( or take a few deep breaths if you are alone)
  3. Cleanse and Bless with water, salt and incense)
  4. Cast Your circle ( some cast trice, some only once.)
  5. Call your elements( watchtowers) clockwise. I call from the North but not everyone does. Light your elemental candles at this time.
  6. Call upon the Goddess and the God(  if you revere both.) Light your God/des candles at this time.
  7. Call upon your Ancestors( skip if you do not)
  8. Do the meat of your ritual at the time you chose.
  9. Do any meditation or energy raising that your ritual calls for
  10. Spend a few moments Grounding. This is often the time to do “cakes and ale”. Food grounds you pretty quickly and gives everyone a chance to come down from the energy raising. Take this time to make any announcements you may have for future rituals
  11. Thank your Ancestors and release them, snuff the candles
  12. Thank God/dess and release them, snuff the candles
  13. Thank the elements and bid them leave. Often they are just released and not told to go home. They stay and cause mischief. Snuff the candles
  14. uncast your circle walking .
  15. Thank all for the energy they put in and for coming to your ritual. If you were alone than take the time to look back and be proud of your ritual.
  16. At this time I would use any left over cakes and ale to feed the elements and Deity for all that they give us. Often refer to it as “feed the tree” time.

This is what has worked great for me. Has lead to a great ritual that flows pretty smoothly all the time. If you create a formula that works for you, Your own “recipe” then you will be able to do ritual anywhere, any time without having to stop and plan it much. Keep a ritual box on hand in your car, or house that has all you will need, candles, incense, matches, snuffer, oils, altar clothes, incase  you find yourself in the woods and want to ritual. Or a group get together and find you want to do a healing ritual. You have it all there. Silly little small toolbox or tackle box works great.

And the following is the spell worksheet that you can copy and use for your own.


* Type of Spell:

* Date & Time to be performed:

* Correspondences:

* Astrological Phase:

* Specific Purpose:

* List of Ingredients &/or Supplies Needed:

* Specific Location Required:

* Date, Time & Astrological Phase When Used:

* Results:

* Deities Invoked During Preparation &/or Use:

* Step By Step Instructions for Preparations &/or Use:

* Additional Notes:

Until next month
Merry Cooking and Blessed Eating
The Hearthkeeper

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Blessed be…