Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

For Erin (12/8/69-9/18/11)

Yes, I miss you, yes, I do,

All the time – time that flew

Away like a butterfly

On a warm summer’s day

As children in the neighborhood play.

That demon monster it killed you

You died before the time was true.

Beautiful and gentle goddess,

An Irish Rose who came and went

A lovely lady – heaven sent.

In middle school, in high school,

Our young garden bloomed

Cherished, cultivated and nurtured.

Seeds joyfully sown year and again.

My dear close friend.

Taught others by her example.

My pagan beliefs she did not trample

Unjudged yet foreign to her own.

I – a silent witness though not alone

To her own testimony to God.

Unwritten was her ending.

Roar – growl – snarling –

Silently hidden in the shadows

Every bump heard in the night

Another demon monster’s might.

A shillelagh, a shillelagh,

Hitting hard the monster’s head,

Hit until the demon is dead.

Dead enough she knows he’s not,

Resurrection is what he sought.

I have long lived with the fear,

Of the impending gloomy year,

When your chalice spills upon the ground

As that demon monster collected his due,

And comes to drain the spirit from you.

Sister, you were brave unto the end,

God’s silent angel, my dearest friend,

Merry part – until we meet again.

As life comes full circle – ‘round it goes,

When will we meet, no one truly knows.