Divination with Playing Cards

divination with playing cards was a common practice throughout Europe and utilized by Romany gypsies, although they did nor originate the idea. I must be truthful to say playing cards are eerily similar to the minor arcana, with lack of the princess, knave, and page. The King represents the Yod, Queen represents the Heh, and Jack represents the Vau; in retrospect, indicates these are these three divine letters that make the IHVH. The princess is not needed due to the fact the queen is the Heh and there are truly only three Kabbalistic elements: Fire, Water, and Air. Most of the time the Kings are mature males or traditionally men over 40, the Queens are mature females or traditionally women over 40, and the jacks are primarily not gender specific and people under 40.

The Hearts naturally represent the cups of tarot or the water, also to mention they are the Water of the Fire and represent the Autumn time; the Spades represent the Sword or also the air, and the elemental qualities are Air of the Earth, also represent the Winter time; the Clubs represent the Fire and the Wands, they stand as the Fire of the Water and the Summer time; and the Diamonds represent the Earth or the pentacle and mean the Earth of the Air, also signify the Spring time. The very the items these are a symbol of are found exactly in the modern elements of thaumaturgy and thuergy. To understand these elements they are also broken down to masculine and feminine, introverted and extroverted, and also the astrological signs that go with them.

Spades (Swords)- Conflict, Obstacles, forewarning,  and Wisdom to be gained. It is a masculine, extroverted, and are the air signs of astrology (Libra: Twos to Fours, Gemini: Fives to Sevens, Aquarius: Eights to Tens ). The spades are the intellect of the querent.

Clubs (Wands)- Intent, Will, Goals,  and new projects. It is a masculine, extroverted, and are the fire signs of astrology (Aries: Twos to Fours, Sagittarius: Fives to Sevens, Leo: Eights to Tens ). The clubs are the intent of the querent.

Hearts (Cups)- Relationships, Friendships, Feelings, and Desires. It is a feminine, introverted, and are the water signs of astrology ( Cancer: Twos to Fours, Pisces: Fives to Sevens, Scorpio: Eights to 10’s ). The clubs are the emotions of the querent.

Diamonds (Earth)- Possessions, Employment, Finances, and Materialism. It is a feminine, introverted, and are the earth signs of astrology (Capricorn: Twos to Fours,Virgo: Fives to Sevens, Capricorn: Eights to Tens ). The clubs are the emotions of the querent.

To understand the Aces through the Tens one must realize what impact the Kabbalah has on playing cards. Aces represents the spiritual crown, Twos represent the Wisdom to be gained, Threes represent Understanding, Fours represent Mercy, Fives represent Power, Sixes represent Balance, Sevens represent Glory, Eights represent Victory, Nines represent the Foundation, and Tens represent the Kingdom. The idea of the kabbalah being used card reading is crucial, if you know the kabbalah then you can pick up any set of tarot or playing cards and instantaneously comprehend the meaning of the deck. The divination readers use owe a lot of the set up to the Kabbalah. You may read further into the symbols of these 10 aspects of the kabbalah in the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic by Israel Regardie.

Numerology is also crucial in card divination: 1 (Aces) is a new start or beginning, 2 is relationships or friendships, 3 is pure energy output, 4 is family and home based, 5 is judgement or karma, 6 is perfection and balance, 7 is spirituality or a walk of wisdom, 8 is finances, and 9 is completion, 10 represents 1.