January, 2012

Merry Meet

January, 2012

Blessings to you on this glorious first day of the year.  We hope you and yours find peace and happiness in 2012!!

This issue is full of great articles to help us ring in the New Year Magickal Style!

Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax, and enjoy this issue of PaganPages.

From our family to yours, Blessings this New Years!

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January Correspondences

January, 2012

Herbs: marjoram, holy thistle, nuts and cones

Colors: brilliant white, blue-violet, black

Flowers: carnation, crocus, snow drop

Scents: musk, mimosa

Stones: garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase

Trees: birch

Animals: fox, coyote

Birds: pheasant, blue jay

Spirits:  gnomes & brownies

Deities: Freya (Norse); Innana, Sin and Antu (Sumeria); Saravati (Hindu); Hera and Irene (Greece); Ch’ang-O (China); Felicitas; Janus, Pax and Venus (Rome)

Power Areas: Sluggish, below the surface, beginning and conceiving, protection, reversing spells, Conserve energy by working on your own personal problems that involve no one else.
Time to work on new goals

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Gems of the Goddess

January, 2012


We’ve all done it as a child.  Thrown pennies into a fountain while making a wish, little did we know, we were making an offering to a wonderful Celtic goddess.  Her name is Coventina, and the wishing well was made in her honor.  The main well or shrine dedicated to her is locate at Carrawburgh, on Hadrian’s Wall in Britain.  The wells represented the earths very essence and womb, where the Celtics believed Coventinas presence resided most. She also resides in all rivers, lakes, and streams.  Since she is a water goddess, she’s also great for inspiration and divination, all the aspects of the divine feminine.

Coventina stands among rivers and water, holding a vessel with water pouring from it.  With this depiction she’s also associated with abundance, prosperity, and new life.  What a perfect goddess to learn about before the new year!  She was called upon by her followers for small wishes, or before they were about to embark on a new journey within their life.  Coventina was asked to bring good luck to their endeavors.


Try throwing a coin into a stream or fountain.  Better yet a well if you can find one.  Ask for what you hope to manifest within the next year.  Coventina would also encourage everyone to start taking the necessary steps towards purification.  This means, purifiying yourself through change of diet, with less intake of harsh chemicals and preservatives, as well as purififying your thoughts. To purify your thoughts basically means positive thinking about situations and most of all others.  It’s hard to think purely about someone who is negative, but all you have to do is send them love and forget about it.  Just simply move on, because dwelling on it with stressful thoughts and anger can have a negative effect on your body and long-term mood.  Don’t hesitate to ask Coventina for help with this.


Cauldron, cup, coins, broaches, wells, water, blue, springs, creeks, nymphs, mermaids, bronze

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Paranormal Path

January, 2012

Paranormal Activity Vs Haunting

Very often the term Paranormal Activity seems to go hand in hand with ghosts and haunting, however the term means so much more than this.  Especially with the popular movies, the word paranormal is everywhere now.  What does this mean and why is it different from a haunting?
The word paranormal means anything that cannot be explained by science.  Many times someone may feel their home is haunted due to unexplained phenomena occurring.  Commonly you’ll hear someone describe their lights flickering, or a feeling of being watched when they enter a certain room. Upon proper investigation one may discover that the home is not haunted and these experiences are not paranormal.  One common tool is an EMF detector.  This tool will measure electromagnetic fields.  A high EMF reading can occur for many reasons, if you are near an electrical source such as an outlet, certain wiring or even types of plumbing, can give a high EMF reading.  Severely high readings can cause physical effects on a person such as dizziness, nausea, and even a feeling of paranoia.  If it is revealed that there is faulty or very old wiring in a home this can explain the flickering lights and an uneasy feeling.  These things are explained by science and therefore not paranormal.  However if you receive a high reading and these things are not a factor or the reading spikes, from very high to normal and you are nowhere near an electrical source, then this is unexplained and therefore is paranormal.
Other examples include extraterrestrial activity, poltergeists activity, telekinesis, and even astral projection can be described as paranormal.  Though there are many theories, science has neither proven nor disproven these things.  I however believe in it all but this still does not make it a scientific fact.
Now let’s look at another example.  When someone moves into a new home and is informed the previous owner passed away in that house, they may have an uneasy feeling to begin with but decide to move in anyway.  Soon they realize certain objects keep disappearing, and then reappearing in different locations.  A first thought would be the ghost of the previous owner is making themselves known, however no apparition has been seen.  These occurrences’ cannot be labeled just yet as a haunting, they are simply paranormal.    Soon along with this paranormal activity, our new homeowner awakens to the sight of an elderly woman making her way down the hallway, she is almost transparent, and seems to be gliding just above the floor.  Well this must have been just a bizarre dream.  The next morning someone else in the family describes seeing the same strange woman.  Soon she continues to appear; now we can say that this house is haunted.  A haunting is the habitual visitation of a ghost or apparition.
As I discussed in a previous article haunting can be residual, meaning the spirit has no idea you are there, it isn’t aware of surroundings or changes, it is more of an imprint from a certain time.  Imagine a movie playing over and over again, the same routine, the same motions, just repeating.  The haunting can also be intelligent, meaning the spirit is aware of you and able to interact, or communicate.  Without the spirit there are no haunting, just paranormal occurrences.
Even though ghosts themselves cannot be explained by science, it is the act of their frequent appearance that defines a haunting.  There will always be debate about what a ghost is and even deeper what are the exact contents of a soul , and if or how is it left behind,  just as many artist describe being haunted by music, scents, or words.  These of course are just symbols, giving a figurative spirit to such things and describing the frequent visitation of the uninvited.   I suppose you could be haunted by just about anything .
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January, 2012

I’ve been interested in all type’s of crafting for quite a while, but what I’ve alway’s found the most enjoyable is anything to do with herbs.  Most people assume making bath salts is simply a matter of using Epsom or Sea salts, herbs, essential oil, and perhaps some color.  Actually the best bath salt recipe is equal amounts of Epsom salts, Sea salt, and Baking Soda.  Use a blender to grind the salts down to a fine consistency like the baking soda.  By using these 3 ingredients you’re actually accomplishing multiple objectives.  First baking soda softens the water, second Epsom Salts in and of themselves contain minerals and have a certain amount of healing properties, and last but not least the sea salt opens your pores allowing whatever benefit the herbs you’ve added to permeate the skin.

Of all the recipes I’ve done, my favorite and one of the simplest, is to add lavender buds into the blender with the salts and grind them into it.  It intensifies the smell incredibly, but even then I’m not above adding a drop or two of lavender essential oil on top of it, and then it’s off the charts!!

Another really easy thing you can do is pick up a clear bottle with a cork stopper, I get mine at thrift stores, it’s rare not to find one.  Make enough salts to completely fill the bottle, then separate it into 2 zip-lock bags, make sure they are definitely zipped!  Prior to closing the bags add a colorant to each, maybe something that matches the bathroom colors, and two nicely corresponding fragrances.  This is where surety of closure is a must, shake the bags really hard, until the color, and oil, is mixed in well.  Grab a funnel, and just like sand art, stack stripes of alternating color.  Get it close enough to the top of the bottle that when you push the cork in firmly, all the stripes are held in place.

I’ve added blanched almonds and oats, that have also been ground in the blender, with a dash of almond scent or even almond extract.  Vanilla extract makes a really nice simple bath as well.  Obviously you can add dried herbs with the essential oils and use a tea-ball, knee-hi stocking, or any other thing that wouls allow the salts out while holding the herb’s in.  I’ve had a good time with this project in the past trying to come up with better and better recipes, although sometimes it seems like a great idea in my mind, but my nose, and anyone else’s in smelling range tells a far different story.  But like any good craft project the failures can sometimes be more fun than the success!!!!

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Wicked Wonderful Witchery

January, 2012

Creative Ways to Use Magickal Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries in medicine and magick.  Scent is one of our most powerful senses: it can trigger long forgotten memories, change our moods, uplift us or depress us, and even have physical effects on our health and wellbeing.

Essential oils are fairly easy to find and purchase at most health food stores or metaphysical shops.  When you are using them for magickal purposes, it is important to buy true essential oils derived from plants and resins, not synthetics or “fragrances” made from chemicals.  Synthetics carry no magickal properties whatsoever because they do not contain any of the actual plant properties.

You may be familiar with using magickal oils and already have some favourites.  You can use them blended together in a “perfume” for a magickal goal or one at a time.  Just for quick reference, here is a brief list of some magickal goals and my favourite oils that correspond with each, that I have found work well for me and smell nice too.

Money – Peppermint and cinnamon

Peace – Lavender

Love – Rosemary and Ylang-Ylang

Self Confidence – Ginger

Sex – Patchouli

Health – Sandalwood

Spirituality – Frankincense

Happiness – Orange

Protection – Clove

There are multitudes and fun ways to use magickal oils in our daily lives.  Here are some of my favourites.

-Put a small amount of the chosen oil on your fingertips, and then braid it into your hair.  As you do so, visualize your goal as if you already have it (money, relationship, etc.).  As you “bind” the oil into your hair, you are drawing to yourself the properties of the oil you have chosen.  Tie the braid with an elastic and leave in until it falls out on its own or you feel finished with it.

-Put a few drops of oil on the blades of your ceiling fan to spread the chosen energy throughout your home.

-Add some drops of oil to scentless body lotion, and wear daily.

-Dip a cotton ball in some oil and place it in the fan of your vacuum cleaner (the spot where you can feel the air blowing out) to spread the power of the oil all over your house.  I like lemon for this because it is spiritually cleansing.  If you are cleaning the house prior to hosting a get together or party, try using orange or lavender to promote feelings of contentedness in your guests.

-Put some drops of oil onto ordinary paper.  When it dries it will leave a scent.  Rub it onto letters and resumes (love letters can be scented with Rosemary or Ylang-Ylang, resumes and job applications with cinnamon and cloves).

-Add a couple of drops to your dish water, so the energy can absorb into your skin while you work.

-A few drops in your laundry will infuse your clothes with your chosen intent.  When you wear those clothes the oil can work its magick whether it is to draw something to you or to keep something away.

-For Protection, draw a pentacle on your windows with your finger and some clove oil.  Leave it for three days and three nights, then wipe clean.

-Douse a cotton ball with ginger oil, and keep it in a little airtight jar that can fit in your bag.  As needed, discreetly sniff it when you need a little confidence or courage.

– Before going out on the town, put a drop of Ylang-Ylang oil in each shoe to attract a mate (just a little!  It can be sticky!).  Likewise you can do this before work with money attracting oil to ensure you earn lots of cash.

-Put some on the threshold of the entry to your home to attract any of the aforementioned energies into your home.

Enjoy and Blessed Be!

K. White Moon



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Moon Owl Observations

January, 2012

The God Tyr

Tyr is a Norse god of war. He is known to be the lawgiver of the gods and was the leader of the Norse Pantheon, until he stepped aside for his father, Odin. It is not known who his true mother is but there are mentions of it either being Friggo or an unnamed giant. This god of law and order is also one the 12 principal deities of Asgard. Tyr is excellent in all manners of justice, fair-play and right action. He is honourable, brave and inspires courage in others.

A few things are named after Tyr, but the most prominent are the day Tuesday (Tiws day) and the rune. Depending on what set or style of runes being used, his is usually called Teiwaz, Tiwaz or just Tyr. It is the rune of balance and justice. The rune of sacrifice for the self for the well-being of society. His rune signifies positive regulation that needs personal sacrifice to carry it through to a successful result. It also is the rune of law and order of the human world and orderliness in the cosmos. It is part of the third aett and in rune lore Tyr and Frigg guard the eastern quarter.

Tyr is also known as Tiw, Ziw, Tiwaz, Teiwaz and the maimed god. Why the maimed got? Well there is an interesting story to explain that. Tyr sacrificed his hand to help his people from the monster Fenris. Fenris the wolf was one of Loki’s children and Odin saw him as a threat and wanted to lead him to Asgard in hopes of making the wolf gentle and tame. Tyr was the only god who was brave enough to bring Fenris food, but as the days passed Fenris kept growing in size, strength and fierceness. It was decided among the gods that the dangerous wolf needed to be bound. The wolf knew how strong it was and agreed to being bound many times since he knew he could break free, which he did. The gods then got a slender, magick, silken rope made, called Gleipnir. When Fenris saw the slender rope, he did not trust it and refused to be bound- that is unless someone put their hand into his mouth as a pledge of good faith. Only Tyr was bold enough to step forward and place his hand between Fenris’ jaws. The gods then quickly bound the wolf, and it held. When Fenris discovered that he bit off Tyr’s hand at the wrist. Hence why he is known as the maimed god.

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Hear Me

January, 2012

I am surrounded by the night

Dark and foreboding, crushing me,
Tempting me to run, to break away
Every whisper is a scream
Pounding in my brain
Every star is a pinpoint of pain
Scattered across the sky like
Shining reminders of the past
Howls of wolves scream my rage
Sending shivers through my spine
An overwhelming urge to scream
Cripples me, I cry out into the night
Yet no one hears my screams
My chest pounds, I break into a cold sweat
I run like a madman, no direction
No purpose except escape.
Hear me! Help me! I stumble and fall
Down into darkness, down into quiet
Down into sweet methodical madness.

If I have already sent this one I appologize. Here’s a replacement.

Silver beams of moonlight cast below
The time has come for me to go.
I spread my wings and soar up high
Never contemplating days gone by.

Above the earth my soul is free
I break apart from the other me.
Through green and silver veils I soar
Searching for the unlocked door.

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Rebel Rede

January, 2012

New Year Promises

Although New Year’s for most Pagans this past year was celebrated on Samhain, the rest of the mundane world around us celebrated New Year’s on January 1, 2012. Can you believe it, it’s officially 2012 now! Most astrologers and metaphysical experts believe 2012 is going to be a year of change and major energetic shifts. I think 2012 is going to be an electrifying and exiting year for Pagans. I personally can’t wait to begin working on new goals and new projects. What new things does 2012 promise to bring into my life I wonder? I think 2012 is a year of limitless possibilities. While creating my own New Year’s goals and resolutions I couldn’t help but wonder what “New Year’s resolutions” the entire Pagan community should have? So here they are my fellow witches, my 2012 New Year’s goals for the Pagan community at large…

Note: These goals are not meant to be judgmental! I personally am also working on these goals and by no means perfectly follow all of them! These are just things I would like all of us Pagans to work on, myself included!

  1. Go OUTSIDE more! We are after all, a nature-based religion. We need to put the effort into spending quality time with Mother Earth! It can be challenging for those of us Pagans who live in concrete cities, but it can be done!
  2. Treat our bodies like the Divine temples they are! Nothing says honoring nature more than showing up to an outdoor Pagan event only to discover a circle of witches smoking, eating Doritos, and drinking Coke-LOL. Not only should we be honoring our Gods and Goddesses by taking care of our planet, but we should also be taking care of our own Holy vessels. Buying and eating food that is unhealthy to the environment and unhealthy for our bodies does not do that. Pagans should be on the forefront of the environmental movement and we should be the first in line to buy organic and locally grown food!
  3. Be a loving, tolerant, and open-minded community! Most Pagans came from other religious backgrounds before becoming Pagan. We all have experienced the negativity and intolerance that so many religions can have. We don’t want to be a spiritual community that has those negative tendencies as well! We need to put aside the arguing and come together as a community. We need to take care of each other!
  4. Be more diverse! 2012 is the year for Paganism to grow and expand its definitions and its people. Paganism is not only a Celtic-based Caucasian religion-end of story!
  5. Create ritual! We all get busy with are mundane lives, but we need to take the time to have rituals in our lives! Rituals create connections to our deities and each other! Rituals are a way to honor ourselves and our deities!
  6. Come out of the broom closet! It’s 2012 friends, being secretive and quiet about Paganism is a thing of the past. We need to boldly tell the world about our spiritual path and show the world what an amazing community we are! Be brave friends and let your Pagan flag fly proudly!
  7. Be politically active! Politics directly affect our communities. It is important to stay on top of current events and to only vote for political leaders who will protect our Pagan values!
  8. Create magick all around you! It can be easy to get too busy to do spell work, but we need to take the time to create a little magick in our lives!
  9. Be a healer! People have had a rough year. It was a financially and politically hard year. Be a light to the people around you and bring a little healing into their lives :). As witches we are supposed to be healers. We should be the people that others come to first when they need help.

10.  Be Pagan! Whatever that means to you. Just remember you are an example to the other Pagans within our community and most importantly to the people outside of our community. There is no one definition of what a Pagan is, but whatever Pagan means to you truly live out those values and beliefs in all aspects of your life!

And of course friends, just be happy! Live your bliss each and every day!

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Hearth and Home

January, 2012

Blessed Be The – What?

I am a pagan woman living in the 21st century, doing 21st century stuff.  Living in a modern-ish  house, I wear jeans and sneakers; watch tv, drive a car and my BOS is not beautifully hand written on handmade paper in an ancient old book ( a little is) but the most it is on my computer, on printed pieces of paper – it is modern. There is a little part of me, ok so there is a big part of me who would love to turn back the clock and go back to live in an old cottage on a few acres of land – doing a little of that old hedge witch stuff, like I did once before.. However this old cottage living is not always what it is cracked up to be nor as romantic as it sounds.  Let me tell you a wee story, something I remembered while looking at online real estate, yes for old cottages in the woods.

We once lived in a 70 year old cottage.  There is historically, graceful well-loved old and there is, just old. We fell into the latter. Once upon a time it used to be an old shop with the living quarters at the back, with bits added here and there.  The shop front became a large storage unit and it was very cluttered with the house owners things.  Very hard at times to keep the energy nice with that clutter attached to your living area however. I digress though. This wee cottage is small, wee small, very small tiny even. Two bedrooms, with the lounge and kitchen area all in one room, the kitchen is closed off by a half wall, so when your creating in the kitchen you can still be part of the family in the other area whether you want to or not.  It was definitely unique; the roof space had another family in it! I never went up there to look but my goodness, come bedtime they would do bog laps in the crawl space, and the mice and I often had a battle of wills, they often won by share numbers. We took it sight unseen as we had no desire to live on the Navy Base, and we were and are very Blessed to have been offered it and to spite all the houses little quirks, it was filled with lots of love and laughter.
However, due to it’s smallness finding an area to set up my sacred space and working altar was a bit of a challenge, our bedroom was not practical, the little room we use as a computer room wasn’t either, so with a little rearranging, I commandeered a very small area behind the main door and beside the hearth, it felt perfect.. I could sit before my altar feeling the warmth of the fire, and look out the window and watch the clouds; I could see the wind running her fingers through the leaves of the huge gum trees and watch the birds. Myvanwy (my beautiful ceramic witch) and my dragon sat perfectly under the window and my besom sat snugly between altar and hearth.. Visitors knew it is not somewhere you put your coffee mug, you don’t mess with the broom, or fiddle with anything least you get “the look” , it is a respected place ..  This is all set up about 4ft feet from “our” chairs and the tiny lounge – so now the scene is set.
Now, has there ever been a time in your life when you have watched a scenario unfold in what seems to be slow motion? Well, I have had a few and this night was one of those times.  It had been a busy sort of day, we had gone to a huge hardware place and bought my daughter a cute little outdoor table and chairs for her balcony, I had potted up some house plants for her to take home. During the week I pre packed and frooze a few meals for her to take home ‘Mums Red Cross parcels’ she calls them, so they needed to be put in a cooler bag for the trip, so once this was all done we packed up the car and drove her back to the city, it is about a 3 hour round trip depending on traffic, and after the AFL (football)  final on Saturday afternoon, most of the fans where driving home on the Sunday afternoon. My man was getting a little frazzled on the journey home and it rubbed off, so when we got home, I decided to have a glass of wine and him a beer. We wanted to just sit for awhile and unwind so after about 30 minutes I went off to the kitchen to my pots and pans.
Now mind, I did say a glass – one, uno, singular. 4.5% alcohol. Not much! So what transpired next was certainly not expected. I watched dumb struck, as my well read, articulate, smart, intelligent, handsome, loving and usually co coordinated man tripped over his shadow and half toppled the 4 feet from his chair into my sacred space. He tried to stop himself falling completely, putting out his arm which got tangled up in my Besoms bristles, at this point I wanted to close my eyes as I envisioned him getting swept out the closed window on the broom.
There was a crash and tinkling as my chalice hit Myvanwy on the head and broke, burnt charcoal and incense dust rising up in a small cloud – next thing there is my beloved sitting in the middle of my altar looking very sheepish!
I was speechless, I scrapped by jaw up of the kitchen floor and went over to him, once having ascertained he was in fact alright, the first thing out of my mouth was ” what on earth are you doing” at this point one would find it hard to believe I was in fact an empath.  I picked up my broken, un-fixable chalice and put it on the kitchen bench, and not one more word was said by me. I was speechless and couldn’t absorb the pantomime that had just unfolded.
My dear husband had apologised a hundred times and said he felt a little stupid. In the middle of dinner, a wave of mirth bubbled up as I played the scenario through my head again; I looked at him across the table, stifling a giggle I said… “You know it is a myth that witches sacrifice men on their altars” I laughed till tears where streaming down my face as I recalled the look on his face as he sat there, and then he smiled that smile that always melts my heart and said.. “I know, but Blessed Be the Butt”

What did I learn?  That even in ritual or in a sacred place, humorous things happen and it is not something to fuss over.. I really to think our God and Goddess have a wee sense of humour themselves.

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