Hally’s Hints

The Evolution of Humanity

We all like to believe that we have evolved from a thousand years ago; one hundred years ago and even from fifty years ago. However, what has evolved is the technology that we use to communicate and often mis-communicate as well as misbehave. We, ourselves however, remain the same.

Whilst this may seem to have a negative undertone this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because for evolution to occur the existing version must no longer be able to adapt or survive within the environment.

We, as humans, have proven that we are more resilient than cockroaches. We are extremely flexible, adaptable and have a unique ability to survive the most horrendous conditions.

With this said, when an environment continually changes and evolves, all life force must complement this, even on the most basic level to ensure the species continues.

Whilst many speak of 2012 being “the year” where change will occur, it isn’t something that simply occurs overnight. It started years ago and it is coming to the crescendo of that shift. There are increasing elements hinting towards the need for change; openness and connecting beyond the survival mechanism.

Hence, the increasing pressure to change, the planet forcing us to look at ourselves through tragedies and impromptu weather changes and there are many more examples we are yet to discover as we come into alignment with this overall shift.

The fact is that we, as humans, are so much more than we allow ourselves to be. However, for countless years we have allowed ourselves to be stuck in the ego rut continually failing because we are more than ego though have not evolved past this belief.

Consider the saying that “money does not buy happiness” and it isn’t until we are in this predicament that this message bares any weight.

How many other situations need to arise for us to realise that ego is a tool not a fundamental? It is there to support, not dictate.

We are energetic beings connected energetically to all life force. This includes all living creatures, animals, plants; everything that exists energetically. The more we embrace this the more we will find the answers we seek; the more fulfilled our lives will be and the more that we as a race will finally evolve into the pure intent of being.

The evolution of humanity starts with the openness to connect beyond logic, knowledge and into the voice within that has been whispering for us to listen. We have the power within ourselves to turn on the light and then another and another along the line of connecting energies.

As one we can achieve anything including the evolution of allowing our species to be truly brilliant simply by being naturally aligned energetically.