Me,Myself and I, Notes from a Solitary Practitioner

December 1st, 2011

The children of the Craft of the Wise

Look greatly forward to this day

When the time is nigh for this beloved Sabbat

We know the light is on it’s way

Through this longest night we celebrate

Knowing now the light will grow

And the joy that every spirit feels

Proves that the heart does also know

As the sun goes down

And the Yule logs burn

Our loved ones gathered round

And even Earth’s creatures participate

As they do not make a sound

When the fires cold and the night grows short

This sacred time comes to a close

And the flames, and joy that come at Yule

In each person’s heart now glows.

Since the Sun is also considered helpful in workings of prosperity, during the burning of the log provides an opportunity to work some prosperity magic as well.  One way of doing this is to take a square of cloth or paper and lay it out flat.  Add one or more herb’s for prosperity such as cinquefoil, clove, or patchouli.  You can add a written request before drawing up the corners and tying it into a bundle to be burned in the fire, or you can speak your desire as the bundle burns, but either way I have found this to be a successful added bonus to the Yule fire.  I hope all of you have a Blessed Yule and a Merry Christmas!

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