Wiccan Basics


The seasons have a powerful effect on us , but also, according to some Earth magicians,

subtly affect magickal workings. Theses are the different types of magicks that could be

preformed during the different seasons.

SPRING: A time for healing; purification, spring cleaning of ones self as well as ones

surroundings; psychic awareness; paying bills; fertility; planting magickal gardens; &

ecological rituals. Air magick.

SUMMER: A time for love, marriage, friendship, beauty, protection, courage, magickal

energy, physical energy, & strength. Fire magick.

AUTUMN: A time for money, employment, new possessions (including cars & homes).

Water magick.

WINTER: A time for banishments of disease, habits & addictions, seeking past lives.

This is a time for introspection, meditation, reading, & magickal exercises designed to

renew the magician for the coming spring. Earth magick.


LIGHTNING STORMS: are periods of intense energy. All spells cast during storms will be empowered by them, and may prove to be more effective. Protection rituals are ideal at these times.

RAINSTORMS: are fine for purification, love, compassion, friendship, beauty rituals, & releasing guilt & jealousy.

SNOWSTORMS: are the time for gentle magick, purification, & stilling emotions. Release unrequited love.

HEAVY WINDS: empower rites designed to break addictions, assist study, & travel spells.

SEARING HOT DAY: charge rites of protection, courage, & energy.

Blessing until next Month