Functions of the Psyche in Magick

I have been in the in occult long enough to see some twisted folks and very gullible people thirsting for knowledge; there are a few misunderstandings that go in the realm of the occult Seeker. The occult is primarily in the usage of symbolism, one clear example is in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The word “Ateh” is used to mean “thou art” when the real meaning is derived to a beautiful woman in Islam or Princess Ateh in some middle eastern traditions as the original source; The meaning was changed to suit the grounding for the Kabbalistic Cross. Though the meanings are different, all that matters is the symbolism on the psyche in all essence. The symbolism of the occult can affect anyone with a positive or negative affect depending on the entirety of the strength in the Will. As Israel Regardie states in the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magick every person should have mental baggage from the past to be sorted with psychology, not that the person is crazy; the person must be mentally prepared to look in the Abyss of the Occult. The whole being of the occult is to search the SELF. Too many of times left handed paths get labeled as negative due to the fact a person search themselves as many pagan sources state, however, take into consideration Left Hand and Right Hand are just labels to organize thoughts in the mind and much like any religious text: it can be manipulate to a persons own intent and will. There have been great friends I have met, who made the conscious decision to leave the occult because their mind was not ready for the information to be handled, they were not disciplined, and they were really curious dabblers. The scariest thing the occult can present to you is the evocation of the inner “demons” from the ego manifested into the physical. To prepare for the evocation of these inner “demons” created through loss of innocence after birth one must undergo a heavy self improvement process and Ego deflation session before seriously joining magical societies like the OTO, IOT, Cult of Isis, A. A., and other organizations. Israel Regardie was a big fan of Charles Jung and recommended psychology for seekers in the occult for their own safety.

The few bad apples that contributed to this whole crusade against the occult were examples like the

man who shot the congresswoman of Arizona, David Caresh, and other misguided folks who needed to

seek medical attention. They dabbled in the occult and saw parts of themselves they could not handle,

they were not mentally stable as well. The book Catcher in the Rye was the book that was said to

inspire the killings of a high school in Colorado, John Lennon, and even Charles Manson used this

book as a crutch for his murders. The mind must be stable and accepting of all flaws of you and others.

As the Ego fluctuates you take one piece of information and take it to the extreme with no willingness

to learn anymore knowledge, or if you do decide to gain more knowledge it is used in a very

demeaning manner toward less fortunate students in knowledge. The Book of Abramelin even points

out of of the biggest mistakes made by man is to use your pride to knock someone down for you own

ego, which comes from pride. Yes we need some degree of pride and ego to survive in the Shekniah, or

the “Mother”. There is a good friend who even mentioned the best quote that was engraved in my mind,

“I am human”. As to being human we must admit our flaws and forget our pride to send ourselves on

the path of being “HUMAN”. I went through a three year process to prepare my mind for the Occult

and study the OTO agenda.

The functions of the occult should normally start with metaphysical principles and philosophy. Magical

and Mundane values are two separate entities as a whole. There are two different pillars on two different

planes of existence. The laws on the above are not the same as the Below. The Emerald tablet best puts

this line “that which is above corresponds to that which is below and that which is below correspond

that to that which is above.” The upper world or the world past the physical veil of existence has

divided processes that make the schematics and paradigms that are almost altered of what we “think”

we know here in the Malkuth. You can even add the 10sephiroth in the terms of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55 and we can break that to 10 and we can break 10 to 1. So the Kether is

in the malkuth and maluth is in the Kether. Even in the Christian Bible it states heaven will descend and

Israel will be Heaven, the land and crevices that are on the outside of this grand city will be the fire pits

of hell. I am not a Christian and I do not agree with the text, but I like the analogy that both worlds,

Spiritual and Physical, coexist as one in our minds. These are the Two extremes that show the mind is

heaven and the mind is hell. Even in the Opus Mago Cabbalisticum Et Theosophicum it says that too

much salt can kill the fire in the steak turning it to a fluid, leaving the balance behind causing the steak

to rot because it lacks the masculine fire. This Imbalance is one that is caused exclusively be feeding

one wolf more then the other inside of you, thus this imbalance affects all mannerisms, mental states,

emotional states, and beliefs.

The whole world soul is in a place in the subconscious of God, or Yesod, called the Axis Mundi

according to some shamans of the middle eastern and northern African tribes. We are a band of brothers

and sisters that all departed from the Schamjim, or the Primordial Source. It was from this unknown

nothingness that spread to create the universe and manifested, while being bound, to the earth for us to

evolve into the higher intellect we are today.

So many of times we forget that we are a cosmic family and we degrade others out of ego hurting

others; and we are gruesomely wrong for this statement. A part of the Ego is to show dominance over a

brother or sister and correct grammatical errors, misspelled words, and or even out of the slightest of

hand gestures. If someone is so perfect as to the fact they can exalt themselves for the animistic nature

of fighting over “right” and “wrong” this is no more a sign of insecurity over any other. The biggest

dangers of the occult lie in the formula of ego and mental state. There are many various methods to

deflate the ego from Tibetan Buddhism to basic meditations. At the end of the day if you cannot look in

the mirror and say you love yourself on the inside you are not ready for the occult.

I was in the Army for three years. I had to do many things that I did not want to do, since that point I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror for a year after being out of the Service. I then found my calling on to the path of ceremonial magick to ground my experiences into the Tree of Life. I found my sufferings were for Wisdom to walk the path I am on now. I sought help to face my inner demons from the things I had to do in the military, but I faced them internally. The Next step that worked for me was externally using the Clavis to externally bring them out and face them. The occult is not for everyone. You will find occultist just join for power or knowledge. The occult is not about power or Knowledge, but Wisdom. In the Kabbalah 32 is spelled Lev or the Lamed and Bet. Lev means heart and the Sepher Yetzirah even says the 32 paths of Wisdom. If you have the heart to face the trials and ordeals to be in the occult get ready for a wild ride. IF you feel you are ready then do so for Wisdom, not power or knowledge.